SHS Fall Classic

2023 — Topeka, KS/US

SHS Fall Classic


Greetings! SHS will be hosting our invitational tournament on Saturday, October 1st. We’d love for you to join us for this event!

Read carefully for details, but the key changes are: we will have three divisions, assuming they make, each division will receive the full compliment of awards. Dechant may or may not know what he is doing (this is NOT a change from last year). Judging is expected to be largely community, with former debaters filling in the open division as much as possible. The pool is developing, but has a ways to go.


Registration will be completed through I am currently working to get it published, but regardless, registrations close on 9/29. Schools are limited to 6 entries between all divisions.

Preference order will be:
Flint Hills schools first

Regional schools/Schools that gave us spots or are giving us spots

Everyone else

Extras will be distributed according to the same formula


The tournament will host an Open division, a JV division, and a Novice (case list) division. You may distribute your entries however you wish between divisions.

***The novice division is limited to students who have no debate experience prior to this season and will adhere to the Kansas Debate Coaches Novice Case List. In the event that teams do not read one of these affirmatives, judges will be instructed to continue watching the round, but award a win to the negative, regardless of outcome.***


Sweeps will be determined by the best 4-team record with at least one entry in each division.

Individual medals will be awarded to the top 8 teams in each division.


Fees are $6.00 per team. Fees will be locked at 8:00 AM on Monday, Oct. 2. You may still drop after that date, but fees will be assessed/locked then


As always at SHS—please, please, please tell your teams NOT TO WRITE ON THE SMART BOARDS

New this year—There is a one act competition going on as well, please have students congregate in the locker bay areas and NOT the commons. This should only impact Friday afternoon.



Round 1


Round 2


Round 3

11:00 (lunch break after

Round 4


Round 5




A note on drops: Same-day drops are corrosive to the organization of a tournament and dealing with them greatly increases potential for errors that can cascade out of control and put a tournament behind. But, they do happen, we all get that.

PLEASE text drops to the tournament, 785.633-2899, at the earliest possible time, preferably before you leave your school. Include your name. This allows us to process them quickly and have the most accurate round 1 schedule and hopefully start on time. Include your school in the text.

***This ain't my first rodeo, but I am in a new stadium, so please bear with me. I will screw up. I likely have somewhere in the invite already. LMK if there is anything that needs attention***