SF Roosevelt Sweetstakes

2022 — Sioux Falls, SD/US

We will be in-person this year on Saturday, November 12th. We will run 5 prelims, a team must have at least a 3-2 record to advance. We will advance up to a semifinal in NLD and JVPF and up to a quarterfinal in VLD, NPF, and VPF. We are usually close to the awards start time

A network for personal devices will, finally, be available for judges to use. Therefore, to run an efficient, accurate, and educational tournament - online ballots will be required for all judges to use. Judges should bring a device capable of connecting to the internet. We may arrange for a few devices if we are told ahead of time of a need.

All judges are obligated for the first two elimination rounds. Teams in the Sioux Falls region are asked to provide 2 qualified judges who can stay throughout the entire tournament so we can allow judges and teams with a longer drive home a quick dismissal upon completion of the tournament!

Please direct all questions to Luke.Cumbee@k12.sd.us


7:45 General Meeting (RHS Cafeteria)

8:15 Round 1

9:30 Round 2

10:45 Round 3

Lunch in cafeteria (don’t leave!)

12:30 Round 4

1:45 Round 5

3:15 Quarters/VPF Octas

4:30 Semis/VPF Quarters

5:45 Finals/VPF Semis

7:00 Awards (RHS Cafeteria)


We look forward to hosting you!

Luke Cumbee

Director of Debate

Jeff Thormodsgard

Assistant Director of Debate