Veterans Memorial TFA NIETOC Qualifier

2022 — Corpus Christi, TX/US

WELCOME to our Annual VMHS TFA/NIETOC Tournament:


Whether you're traveling from across Texas or just over the bridge, we look forward to hosting you at our one-day in person tournament on Saturday, December 10, 2022.

UPDATE 12/6/2022: As per the recently added TFA Home Game Initiative, VMHS squad members MAY be entered to compete in events at this tournament and will be eligible for all elimination rounds. All TFA guidelines regarding this initiative will be followed. And as a side note, students will only be registered in events that are in danger of falling below the minimum 10 required to earn TFA state qualifying points.

VMHS Tournament Schedule

7:30 AM - Extemp Draw

8:00 AM - Section A prelims - FX, DX, NX, DUET, PO, NPO

9:30 AM - Section B prelims - DI, DUO, OO - RD 1 - LD, Policy

9:30 AM - Congress Prelims

11:00 AM - Section C prelims - HI, PROSE, N PROSE, INFO, POI - RD 2- LD, Policy

12:00 PM - Semis Extemp draw

12:30 PM - Section A semis - FX, DX, NX, DUET, PO, NPO

2:00 PM - Section B semis - DI, DUO, OO - RD 3 - LD, Policy

3:30 PM - Section C semis - HI, PROSE, N PROSE, INFO, POI - LD QUARTERS, Policy QUARTERS

4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM - Super Congress

4:30 PM - Section B finals - DI, DUO, OO - LD SEMIS, Policy SEMIS,

5:30 PM - Finals Extemp Draw

6:00 PM - Section A finals - FX, DX, NX, DUET, PO, NPO

7:00 PM - Section C finals - HI, PROSE, N PROSE, INFO, POI

8:00 PM - LD FINALS, Policy FINALS

We will do rolling awards in the Cafeteria this year. Rounds will be accelerated if possible.

We will be offering all TFA events except Public Forum and World Schools Debate. We are pleased to offer novice divisions of Extemp, Poetry, and Prose. A novice is defined as a student in their first year of High School competition. If a novice division doesn't make, it'll be collapsed into its varsity counterpart.

TFA rules and time limits will be used for all events. NIETOC bids will be awarded at the following levels:

0-19 contestants = FIRST PLACE BID

20-34 contestants = FIRST, SECOND & THIRD PLACE BIDS

35-50 contestants = FINAL ROUND BIDS

51-70 contestants = SEMIFINAL ROUND BIDS

71-99 contestants = QUARTERFINAL ROUND BIDS

100 + contestants = OCTAFINAL ROUND BIDS

Awards will be given to the top six or eight finalists in each of the individual events and Congress. In debate, the top four finishers will receive awards. Sweepstakes trophies will be given to the three highest ranking schools.

We will not break brackets in Debate.

Wi-fi will be available.

A school-approved chaperone must be on campus with students at all times.

Students in IEs may cross enter at their own risk. Students participating in CX may not cross enter in other events.

Entries are due by Friday, December 2, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

Adds/drops/name changes are due on Monday, December 5, 2022 at noon.

Debate Topics - LD & CX will be using the NSDA Topic for November/December

Congress will be using the Fall TFA Docket. Prelims will use odds & Finals will use evens.

Thank you for choosing to attend our tournament!


Laurel Brashears (she/hers)

VMHS Theatre Director

(361) 563-7724 (cell)* (Please note my classroom has TERRIBLE cell service. During the school day, email is your best bet to get in touch with me!)