Gregory Portland TFANIETOC Qualifier

2022 — Portland, TX/US


Gregory-Portland High School would like to cordially invite you to our annual TFA and NIETOC Qualifier being held In-Person on Saturday, October 29, 2022. Below you will find important information for schools who are considering attending our tournament.

We will be offering all TFA events except World Schools Debate. We are pleased to offer novice divisions of Extemp, Poetry, and Prose. If a novice division does not make, it will be collapsed into its varsity counterpart. A novice is defined as a student in their first year of High School competition. 

TFA rules and time limits will be used for all events. 

Awards will be given to the top six or eight finishers in each of the individual events and Congress. In debate, the top four finishers will receive awards. Sweepstakes trophies will be given to the three-highest ranking Schools. We will do Rolling Awards.

We will not break brackets in Debate.

Wifi will be provided for the duration of our tournament.

A School-approved chaperone should be on campus with students at all times.

Students in IEs may cross enter at their own risk. Students participating in CX may not cross enter in other events.


Thank you for your interest in our tournament! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or . We look forward to hosting y’all on October 29th!

Salena Pereida and Madison O’Brien

Tournament Sponsors