CFL Speech State Quals

2023 — Milpitas HS, CA/US

Tabroom: J13

Judges' Lounge: Library

Extemp Prep: Small Gym

Tournament Live Doc: 2023 State Quals Live Doc

Pre-Tournament Questions:

Tournament Help Desk:

Extemp Prep Live Doc is linked here. Please note that students should still expect to be in the Small Gym to draw or risk being forfeited for that specific round.

In order to protect the health and safety of everyone involved with the tournament this weekend, a strict indoor mask mandate will be enforced. Competitors may remove their mask to perform, but must wear the mask when not speaking. Judges will not be allowed in the library without a mask. Failure to comply with this mandate may result with your removal from the tournament.

Entries and Judges Due: Friday March 3rd @ 8:00pm.

1) Your school must have completed league registration to be eligible to attend.

2) Only Entries with verified Wildcards to the Squals tournament will be accepted with an additional 22 spots per school and no more than 5 additional spots per event.

3) Due to the increased need for judges (3 judges in every prelim round and 5 judges in each final), the judging obligation is 1 judge for every 2 entries. Unaffiliated judges will cover 6 entries.

4) We will release entries off the waitlist once your school fulfills it’s judging obligation.


7:30am-8:00am: Registration (Coaches check in with Tabroom. Judges report to library for instructions)

8:15am: Round 1 (Extemp Prep begins at 8:00am)

10:30am: Round 2 (Extemp Prep begins at 10:15am)

12:10pm:Lunch (PM Judges should report to the Library for instructions)

1:00pm:Round 3 (Extemp Prep begins at 12:45pm)

3:00pm:Breaks / Final Round

AWARDS: As soon as ballots allow