Gonzaga Jesuit Debates

2022 — Hybrid - Spokane/Online, WA/US

Jesuit Information Booklet can be found here


Platform link is https://ada.classrooms.cloud/

Hybrid judge room is Jepson 120 (Wolf Auditorium).

Gender Inclusive Restrooms - https://www.gonzaga.edu/student-life/student-services/lgbtq-resources/best-practices-and-campus-resources/gender-inclusive-restrooms - In College Hall the room is between 401 & 403.


Jesuit Schedule can be found here.  Please note that changes sometimes happen (although we try to minimze those) so please check the schedule the day before the tournament so you are certain you see the most recent version. And clear your cache so you aren't seeing older versions of the spreadsheet that might already be stored on your computer. 

Contact information:

Tournament Director: Glen Frappier, gfrappier@gmail.com

On-site Tab Director: Jason Regnier: jregnier@gmail.com

GU Debate Reunion Coordinator: Andrea Moreno amoreno2@zagmail.gonzaga.edu



Its an even numbered year so that means the Gonzaga/Harvard tournament will swing back to the Northwest for the Jesuit Debates, October 29th – October 31st, 2022.  

Hybrid Model

While we would love to have everyone attend in-person, we understand that for so many reasons in-person travel is not feasible for some, so we have made the decision to embrace the hybrid model in our open division and accept entries both in-person and online. Both modalities will compete in the same division, but it is our intent to maximize modality matched debates throughout the preliminary rounds without compromising the competitive integrity of the tournament. 

We hope folks can choose a modality and stick with it. Due to the logistical challenges involved, teams/squads that switch from in-person to online the week before the tournament will still be charged as attending in-person. We reserve the right to remove teams from the tournament who no longer wish to continue the live format as opposed to converting them to a virtual team.  These requirements apply to any tournament participants, including judges. 

Please note that our JV and Novice divisions will both be exclusively online.


Fees will be $100 per person for in-person, and $150 per team for online entries. In-person we plan to provide breakfast and lunch, with the goal of getting you off campus early enough to enjoy dinner with your team at the hotel or one of the many great spots around downtown.  We will also host an awards reception at the hotel on Sunday night that will feature light appetizers/desserts and beverages. Due to the logistical challenges involved, teams/squads that switch from in-person to online the week before the tournament will still be charged as attending in-person. There will also be an additional $75 fee for online judges that are covering the commitment for in-person teams (see explanation below).


We are once again using the Centennial as our tournament hotel. All elimination rounds on Monday will be held at the hotel. This is the hotel we have traditionally used for the Jesuit so many of you are already familiar with the property. It is a really nice hotel that's only a 15 walk to the campus along a scenic river path, or to downtown directly on the other side of the river.  The tournament rate is $149 and includes free on-site parking. Because of the unknowns of a hybrid tournament we did not book a large block but have been assured by the hotel that if the block is full they will still book rooms (depending on availability but generally there is availability that weekend) at the tournament rate. Booking link is below. If you are having any problems at all with your booking please contact Joshua Domer at 509-789-7318.  Please note that we intentionally reserved a smaller block this year due to the uncertainty of our in-person attendance. If the block is full when you try to make reservations please contact us and we should be able to get rooms added to the block.

GU Debate Block Link

Arrival Date: Friday, October 28, 2022

Departure Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2022


You should fly into Spokane International Airport (GEG). The airport is only about 15 minutes from the hotel, so a short and affordable ride with Uber/Lyft.

Policy Debate Information

2022–2023 CEDA Debate Topic | 9-3-6 Speech Times | 10-Minute Prep Time

We will offer 3 divisions of Policy Debate, each with 6 preliminary rounds of competition. We will clear all teams with a winning record (4-2 or better) which likely means a partial double octas in Open. The first elimination round in Novice and JV will be determined by their respective entry levels. Teams will flip for sides in all elimination rounds, unless they have met previously; no breaking brackets.

·       Novice: Novice competitors are in their first year of college debate and may only present evidence included in the ADA Novice Curriculum Committee’s 2022–2023 evidence packet; no outside evidence is permitted in CX-N

·       JV: JV competitors are in their first or second year of college debate, or teams with intermediate experience who obtain prior tournament approval to register in JV.

·       Open: Open competitors are in any year of their college-debate career; CX-O is open to all eligible debaters, regardless of experience or skill level

Rules & Procedures

All participating teams are expected to contribute to Open Caselist here and provide up-to-date information on their affirmative/negative positions by Tuesday, September 27.

Per ADA rules, each Policy Debate entry must consist of a 2-person team, who debate together every round of the tournament. If a debater cannot participate in any given round, the team will forfeit that round, though the debate may still occur for educational purposes. Speaker points will be averaged; however, the forfeiting team cannot advance to elimination rounds if speaker points is the determining factor. That team otherwise remains eligible for speaker awards and elimination rounds.

Room mobility issues. If you have a documented ADA accommodation that requires you to remain in the same room throughout prelims we will certainly honor that. Please contact us well in advance of the tournament so we can be sure that request is put in place. 

If you are a judge and your team has an ADA accommodation to stay in the same room that does not mean we can also ensure you are judging in a room near them. Since all rounds are in College Hall you should have plenty of time to both coach and get to your round. Also, remote coaching via Zoom would solve any residual concerns you have about that. 

Judges who are judging an in-person and an online team should NOT watch the debate in the same room as the in-person team. There will be extra rooms in College Hall available for judges, or feel free to use your hotel room, student center, or really any other available space on campus to watch the round.

Constraints against other teams: We generally will constrain teams from debating each other is if a) they are from the same school b) they are debating a hybrid and one of those debaters is from the same school or b) if there is a pre-existing Title IX or other related issues.  We will assess each request for constraints on a case by case basis.

Tabulation & Judging

Gary Larson will once again tab the Jesuit and Jason Regnier will serve as our on-site tabroom contact person.

Prelim prefs sheets will be used throughout elimination rounds on Monday, October 31st.

Judge Expectations

We require 3 rounds of judging per entry. All coaches are expected to make themselves available for at least a 2-round judging commitment, barring reasonable accommodations. All judges are obligated through Octofinals on Monday, October 31st, then 1 round beyond the elimination of your program’s last entry. All judging for hire should be arranged via the hired judging exchange on Tabroom.

Judges must vote for a single team in each round, as well as submit their decision within 2 hours and 15 minutes of the posted start time for all rounds. This time limit will be strictly enforced.

Judges and competitors should enter constraints on Tabroom under the following circumstances.

·       If you are former college or high-school debate colleagues

·       If you have a substantial fiduciary relationship with the school or program

·       If you have had a professional student/coach relationship, or a non-platonic personal relationship

·       If you have been a party to a harassment, discrimination, or similar complaint filed with an educational institution, intercollegiate debate association, or other entity charged with resolving grievances of this nature

We encourage teams attending in-person to bring in-person judges. However, in the interest of putting together the strongest pool possible we will allow in-person teams to bring on-line judges. Because this creates the need for additional online classrooms we will charge a $75 fee for an online judge if they are covering rounds for an in-person team. 

Gonzaga COVID Protocols

The tournament will follow all University rules and guidelines for COVID-19. At this time masks are optional but recommended for indoor groups where social distancing is not possible. It is common practice for speakers on campus to remove their masks when they are standing at the podium. Students, faculty, and staff are all required to be vaccinated at Gonzaga, but there are no requirements for visitors to be vaccinated. We strongly encourage tournament participants to be vaccinated and boosted. We will not require proof of negative covid test but we strongly encourage everyone to test prior to travelilng to the tournament. As a matter of decency we would ask you to mask up if a judge or competitor makes that request in a round (excluding when you are giving a speech). 

We are looking forward to welcoming many of you to Spokane in October. We sincerely hope you and your team can make the trip, but even if you cannot we look forward to hosting you for a weekend of competitive debates. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  

Go Zags!

Glen Frappier, Tournament Director

Jason Regnier, On-site Tabroom Director