Ryle Haunted Invitational

2022 — union, KY/US

Dear Coaches:

You are cordially invited to the Larry A. Ryle High School Haunted Invitational!  We are delighted to host one of the first tournaments of the season, and hope that you will come out to join us for a spooky good time at Ryle High School in Union on Saturday, October 29th.


We will be offering all KHSSL speech and debate events along with a super fun event called improvisational storytelling.  Please visit the KHSSL handbook for rules.  



We will be offering unlimited entries; however, only the top three scores in each event will count toward sweepstakes.  Students may triple in IE, but be aware that we will not hold rounds for a late performer.  Students entering debate may only enter ONE event.  It is recommended that students enter no more than 2 limited prep events.  Each entry will be charged $6, with Policy, Public Forum, Duo Interpretation and Improvisational Duo charging $12.

ENTRY DEADLINE is 11:55 pm Eastern on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25TH.  

You may drop online for free until noon EST on Thursday, October 27th.  After that, drops will be $10.  Adds will be allowed based on space in our school and judging quota.  Substitutions are free.  Please let us know about any changes before Saturday if possible.



You must provide one judge for every SIX congress/IE entries or fraction thereof; 6 entries = one judge, 7 entries = 2 judges, etc.  Remember that Duo Interpretation and Improvisational Duo count as 1 entry here.  LD/PF/CX: you must provide one judge for every TWO entries or fraction thereof.  In the event you cannot provide the required number of judges, you may hire judges for $30 each.  Schools must provide at least one judge and can only hire two judges.  We want your judges, not your money!  Any judging drops will be charged $50 each.  Your judges should be familiar with the KHSSL rules and ballots. Of course, there will be lots of goodies in our hospitality room for coaches, judges, and drivers! Please note that there will be three judge pools -- one for LD/PF/CX, one for IE, and one for Congress. 

 Please email me and/or mark in the tabroom judge notes if you have judges in the IE pool that can judge debate or vice versa, including congress.  This will help with overall flow of the tournament.



Ryle students will only be entered in debate events if entries are needed to create suitable competition for everyone involved.  Congress will be held if we have a minimum of 8 non-Ryle students.  We will host policy debate if there are at least 2 entries. Ryle students who are entered will be eligible for individual awards but not for sweepstakes.  We will be using current topics. 

LD/PF/CX: Unless entry numbers are high to warrant elimination rounds, we will run four or five preset preliminary rounds and determine placings using typical tiebreakers.  This way, students are guaranteed more rounds of competition.      

Congress legislation:  Since this is an early tournament, we will use the October NSDA legislation packet.  No additional legislation will be accepted, either beforehand or on tournament day (save it for other tournaments!).  

Topics and legislation can be found on the NSDA website.



This fun limited prep event runs similar to Improvisational Duo in procedure, except that the student has only 2 minutes to prepare, and no props are allowed.  The first round story must be told in first person, the second round in third person, with round three and finals being the student’s choice.  A sample ballot has been uploaded for you.



We will be awarding trophies for the top 6 performers in each speech event.  Next out awards will be given to the 7th place performer in each event.  Debate awards will be given to the top four.  Speaker awards may be given based on number of entries, and a top novice award will be given in both LD and PF.  We will be offering separate debate and speech sweepstakes awards, awarding the top 3 schools in each.  



Pizza and other general edible and drinkable goodness will be available for purchase at the school.  


SCHEDULE (subject to change)

7am – 8am Registration

8am Extemp draw, LD/PF/CX rounds begin (and will run throughout the day)

8:30am Round 1 IE

9:00-10:30 Congress session 1

10:00 Round 2 – Extemp draw 9:30

11:30 Round 3 – Extemp draw 11:00

12:00-1:30 Congress session 2

3:00 Finals – Extemp/Broadcasting draw 2:30

2:30-4:00 Congress session 3 (or supersession if enough entries)

5:00pm AWARDS



We will hold a costume contest before awards to celebrate Halloween!  Students, coaches, and judges are encouraged to dress up after finals have concluded.  



Ryle High School is located at 10379 US 42 in Union, KY.  You can plug it into your chosen direction-giving program, but it is super easy to locate:

From the South/Louisville:  Take 75/71 N to the Union/Florence exit (180).  Turn right off the exit onto US 42.  Continue on this road through Florence and into Union.  Ryle High School will be on the right.  You can turn right either at the light directly before the school or after the school.  

From the North/Cincinnati: Take 75/71 S to the Union/Florence exit (180).  Turn left off the exit and follow directions from the south.


Hope to see you on October 29th!



Rachel Page, head coach

RHS Speech/Debate

Home/cell:  859-496-2647

School:  859-384-5300 ext. 71234

rachel.page@ boone.kyschools.us