Washburn University LD Warmup

2022 — Online, KS/US


NFA LD debate, open for those eligible to attend NFA LD this year

Open: All debaters eligible under NFA-LD rules are allowed to enter

JV: Any debater with less than 2 full years of competition in NFA-LD

Novice: Any debater with less than 2 full semesters of competition in NFA-LD

We will break up to sixteen to elimination rounds. We WILL NOT break ALL winning records if above 16.

If possible, limited judge strikes available (this will be announced the week of the tournament)



Entry deadline = Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 8:00 p.m. central time

Please enter your competitors and judges at http://washburnwarmup.tabroom.com by the deadline.



All students will be granted reasonable accommodations at the Washburn Warmup Tournament. Accommodations requests should be privately submitted to the tournament director (Kevin O'Leary) and/or Tab Director (Shanna Carlson) and will not be released publicly. To receive the accommodations the student will need to be registered through their University's Student Accommodations Office and be able to provide proof of university approved academic adjustments.



No fees

Required: Provide one full-time judge for every two competitors. No uncovered entries will be accepted.
Please reach out to Stephen Doubledee with any questions for an exemption request.

All judges are obligated for one round after their squad’s elimination. Please let tab know if you would like to judge past your commitment.



As this is a free tournament there will be NO awards presented. We will publish speaker placings and final places for your use in PR announcements, but will not be holding an awards ceremony.