Henry County Middle School Patriot Invitational at Lakewood

2023 — Paris, TN/US

Patriot Middle School Invitational


Lakewood Middle School

Paris, TN

February 4th, 2023

ENTRIES: Students may enter up to 3 events.

$7 per event

$14 per partner event

Entry deadline is Thursday, February 2nd at 4:00pm. Please go to tabroom.com to enter your students. We are listed in the KY and TN circuits. Any changes after 4:00pm Thursday, February 2nd will result in a $7 drop fee per drop/add ($14 for duo events). A $14 drop/add fee will be assessed for any changes on the day of the tournament. Schools will need to provide one judge for every six entries. Teams will be assessed $25 for each missing judge.

We will be offering the following events;

Radio Broadcasting


Duo Acting

Duo Improv

Dramatic Interp

Humorous Interp



Original Oratory





Extemp prep (and broadcasting for rounds 3 & finals) will begin 30 min prior to the round start time)

7:30 - Registration begins

8:00 - Extemp prep

8:30 - Round 1

10:15 - Round 2

11:45 - Round 3

1:30 - Finals

3:00 - Awards


Round I: COMMERCIAL. Students are allowed in one at a time to read a short commercial prepared by the tournament. Prep time is 3 min. No eye contact needed.

Round II: STUDENT PREPARED NEWS-SCRIPT. Each student has prepared, in advance, a news script using up-to-date material. Each competitor must provide a copy of the script to the judge. There is no requirement for particular types of stories to be included in the news script. An introduction, a sign-off and a brief commercial must be included in the broadcast. Delivery of the script should last for three minutes, with a 15 second grace period both above and below the time limit.

Round III: TOURNAMENT-PREPARED NEWS-SCRIPT. Competitors have had fifteen minutes to prepare delivery of a news-broadcast. They will be sent from the Prep. room(library) at roughly five-minute intervals. Competitors must present all of the copy as it appears in the script, but must add an introduction and sign off, and adding transitions is permitted. This round has no set time, but record the time for competitor information.

Final Round: NEWS PROGRAM. Competitors have 30 minutes to prepare a five-minute broadcast. They should have edited the copy and added an impromptu commercial per the prompt in the copy-packet. An introduction, transitions, and sign-off are required. Competitors may use timers; the judge may NOT give time signals. There is a fifteen second grace period, after which the student must be dropped in rank/rating.