Krider Jr Sr Tournament Henry County High School

2022 — Paris, TN/US

Dear Forensics Family:


Welcome to the annual Krider Invitational Speech Tournament for both High School and Middle School hosted by Henry County High School in TN!  We look forward to having you join us Saturday  November 5th. 


We will also be hosting a JR. KRIDER TOURNAMENT at the same time on the same day.  The tournaments will run concurrently and judges will be expected to judge High School AND Middle School events so please prepare your judges accordingly.  


NSDA PFD topic for November/December:  Resolved: The United States’ strategy of Great Power Competition produces more benefits than harms.

We have parking reserved for the lots across from the school at the TCAT Building.  You may drop off on the circle at the front of the building on Wilson St, and then park across the street.  There are crosswalks.  Please refrain from parking anywhere else on campus due to the band competition going on behind the school the same day.  Thanks!








The tournament will host the following 11 high school forensics events plus Public Forum Debate. 


Dramatic Interpretation

Duo Interpretation

Extemporaneous Speaking

Humorous Interpretation

Impromptu Speaking

Informative Speaking



Program Oral Interpretation




The following MIDDLE SCHOOL events will be hosted as well;


Radio Broadcasting


Duo Acting

Improv Duo


Dramatic Performance (HI/DI)







Krider Middle School Event Rules


Round 1--Commercial

Each contestant should receive an individual copy of the commercial script which should not leave the room.  The judge calls one contestant into the room at a time, obtains the student's code number and name, and hands the student a script. The student has three minutes to prepare delivery. The judge times the three minutes of prep and notifies the student when he/she must begin. Student must present all of the copy as it appears in the script. Students are not allowed to alter the script in any way. 

Round 2—Student Prepared News Script

Each student prepares, in advance, a news script using up-to-date material. Each competitor must provide a copy of the script to the judge. There is no requirement for particular types of stories to be included in the news script. An introduction, a sign-off and a brief commercial must be included in the broadcast. Delivery of the script should last for three minutes, with a 15 second grace period both above and below the time limit.  The judge will invite competitors into the room one at a time, receive a copy of the script, and indicate when to begin. Students  must present all of the copy as it appears in the script.

Round 3—Tournament Prepared News Script

In the Prep. Room (same as extemp prep) competitors receive a copy of the tournament-prepared news script at approximately five minute intervals. Each competitor has fifteen minutes to prepare the broadcast. A competitor must present all of the copy as it appears in the script. Students are not allowed to alter the script in any way, except for adding a sign-on and a sign-off, which are required, and transitions, which are optional.  No timing as all scripts are the same for each student.

Final Rounds—News Program

In the Prep. Room (same as extemp prep) at five-minute intervals, competitors receive a packet of news-copy, prepared by the tournament director. Competitors edit the copy and include an impromptu commercial, per the prompt included in the packet, to prepare a five-minute broadcast. An introduction, transitions, and sign-off are required. During the round, a student may use a stopwatch while performing; judges will NOT give time signals.  Each competitor has 30 minutes to prepare the broadcast. The Prep. Room monitor will send contestants to their competition rooms at five-minute intervals.  There is a fifteen second grace period above and below the time limit.



Time limit will be 10 minutes with a 30 second grace period.  There is no time minimum.



Students will have 30 minutes of prep time and have 5 minutes of speaking time.



10 minutes speaking time with 30 second grace.



Student pairs will draw the topic from the envelope after being called into the room by the judge.  They have 5 minutes to prep and 6 minutes to perform.  Two chairs may be used.  Student pairs must have prepared an introduction to their selection during their prep time.



Students will draw three quotations from the envelope and have 30 seconds to choose one and put the others back.  The student will then have 10 minutes total of prep and speaking time to use as they wish.  They must speak for at least 3 minutes.



Students have 10 minutes with 30 second grace period.  There is no time minimum.


More information about competition guidelines for high school can be found on the ​the official THSSDL website​ ( Please take time to review the ​THSSDL guidelines​ as you prepare both your students and judges for competition. 



Schedule of Rounds for Debate and IE

Round 1 - 8:30am

Round 2 - 10:00 am

Round 3 - 11:30 am

Sr. Finals - 1:30 pm

Jr. Finals - 2:00 pm




The cost for students to participate in individual events is $8, with Duo Interpretation (Sr.), Duo Acting (Jr.)  and PFD charging $16. Students may double, except in debate. 



Teams are required to provide 1 judge for every 6 entries into the competition. 6 entries = one judge, 7 entries = 2 judges, etc. In the event you cannot provide the required number of judges, you may hire judges for $30 each. ​Schools ​must​ provide at least one judge. Your judges should be familiar with THSSDL rules and ballots for high school and KHSSL rules (KY state rules) for middle school.  WE WILL BE GOING OLD SCHOOL AND USING PAPER BALLOTS THIS YEAR.  Last year, we had a snafu with online ballots and we would rather be safer than sorry this year.


It would still benefit judges, coaches and students to be registered with accounts to receive notifications on round times and finals notifications.



Awards will be given to 1st-6th place in each event and for the top three performing schools for sweeps.  The top three schools in sweeps will receive a monetary award sponsored by Rotary of Paris.  Middle School awards will be certificates for individuals and teams and no monetary awards will be given.



Teams will be assessed a drop fee of $10 per entry after Wednesday, November 2nd at 7pm central. Any judge drop after this deadline will result in a $50 fine. 


Please let us know at your earliest continence (either David or Linda) when you have drops or changes.  Contact information is available below to text or email us information letting us know you’re running late or have drops or changes.



Checks for entry fees may be made out and sent to 

Henry County High School Speech Team

315 S. Wilson St.

Paris, TN



We are excited to, once again, host The Krider in Henry County and look forward to seeing you all in November!


David Weatherly / Linda Miller

Coach, Henry County Middle School Speech Team

Coach, Henry County High School Speech Team

David - 731-217-6067

Linda - 731-336-7041