Franklin R Shirley at Wake Forest


Schedule for the Shirley

Online help email is: Feel free to chat or email.

Single Stall/All Gender Restrooms -

  • Benson 521 and 522
  • Carswell 125, 325/6,
  • Manchester 328A,
  • Tribble C118C & B118A, C218C & B218B, C318B & B318B.
  • For other restrooms, nondiscrimination on the basis of gender identity is the guiding principle at Wake Forest.

Judging Places for alternate modality judges

  • Benson Center (Union) 3rd and 4th floors have a large number of comfy chairs and tables.
  • Carswell 2nd Floor
  • Carswell 208 - Not available rounds 2 or 3 or ADA Exec mtg.
  • Greene Lobby
  • Library - Many spaces, do not need Wake ID to get in.
  • Tribble A110 (DeTamble Auditorium) - Rounds 1-4 Only

Procedure reminders

  • 45 minutes of prep with 10 minute coaching stop.
  • A debate will be ONLINE if a team or the judge has ONLINE after their name.
  • ZRM link will appear for all debates, no need to go if debate is in person.
  • Elims at the Benton Convention Center
  • Yes Side Equalization, No Breaking Brackets
  • Top 48 teams or all 4-2's clear whichever is more.
  • hybrid modality teams (1 debater online/other in-person) are considered In-Person and judge should be in the room to judge.
  • For purposes of judge placement - "in-it" debates will be any debate that has a team who has the possibility of achieving a 4-2 record.
  • Hit Start button to indicate you know you are judging, even if debate hasn't started yet.

Helpful Links


  • similar to previous years.
  • Any space that is not marked “Handicap/Reserved 24 hours” works.
  • Parking lots G and F (bottom right corner of this map) are ideal. Buses while waiting during the day prior to pick-up will likely need to use Parking Lot W1 near the Law School or Q on the north end of campus.


  • Guest Network - no credentials needed
  • Also can use EDUROAM if you are tapped in with your institution

Payment info:

  • Payments can be made here.
  • Invoices on tabroom should be accurate.
  • If any school needs a fee waiver/reduction, please reach out.

Looking forward to hosting everyone for the 66th Annual Franklin R. Shirley Tournament!