Hendrickson Pflugerville Swing

2022 — Pflugerville, TX/US


NOTICE: We will accelerate as soon as we can. Poetry and Prose will go straight to finals on BOTH sides of the tournament. Novice PF, CX, and LD will be going straight from prelims to finals. Octafinals rounds of debate events will have ONE judge. 

Also, STUDENTS: Because of the issues with the schedule, judge no-shows, and some other tabroom issues, we cannot be as lenient with cross-entries. Priority should be given to the events that are state qualifying. 



We would like to welcome you to the Hendrickson/Pflugerville Swing Tournament. The tournament will take place IN PERSON at Hendrickson High School on Friday, September 2 and Saturday, September 3. 

We will offer the full set of events in IEs and Debate (including World Schools), including novice divisions of extemp, LD, and Policy Debate. For the purpose of this tournament, a Novice is considered someone in their first year of high school competition. We also offer scaffolded Novice Extemp and require the NDCA Novice CX Packet for all of our novice CX rounds (click on "Topics" on the right side for more information).

Your school must have a school employee to be available for all tournament times/rounds to judge and provide support for the tournament when needed. This individual is required to be in the judging pool. For more information on this, click "Judging Rules" on the right side.

We WILL NOT break brackets in debate.

We look forward to providing an exciting educational experience for all.



Kirsten Nash

Director, Hendrickson Speech & Debate



Aly Mithani

Associate Director, Hendrickson Speech & Debate