DebateHacks Season Opener

2022 — Online, US

Welcome to the DebateHacks Season Opener!


DebateHacks is a student-run organization making debate accessible by giving free resources to debaters. Look out for our Septober shared prep file, coming soon to our discord!


DebateHacks is welcoming you to its first tournament, the DebateHacks Season Opener. The tournament will be held on zoom. The tournament will be held from August 20th-21st. A prize of 20$ will be awarded to the winning team, and 2 Nitro Classic Subscriptions will be given to 2 random competitors.


This year's competition will only have one event, Public Forum. There will be five prelim rounds and we will be breaking all winning records.


The resolution will be Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase its investment in high-speed rail.


In order to ensure you receive all updates regarding the tournament, join the 

DebateHacks Discord


While providing judges is not required, we ask that our competitors make an effort to supply judges. We will be relying on volunteer judges and would appreciate any volunteers. In order to ensure a quality experience, judges must have at least one year of experience in debate. Please fill out this form in order to be entered as a judge. 

Competitor eligibility 

Anyone debating at the High School or Middle School level is able to enter.


Tournament Schedule / Live doc / Rules