Georgetown Fall PF Online PF and LD

2022 — NSDA Campus, DC/US

The registration deadline is October 4th

Georgetown Fall 2022 -- PF:  October 7-9; LD: October 8

This entire tournament is online.

*The PF topic will be the September-October PF resolution (high speed rail)
*The L-D topic will be the September-October LD resolution in JV and novice will use the novice resolution.
*Entry fees: $125/team; $75/LDr; $75 school fee


Preliminary Rounds -- Friday -- October 7

All online rounds are single flighted

7pm -- Round 1 PF
8:30pm -- Round 2 PF

Preliminary Rounds -- Saturday -- October 8

10am -- Round 3/ R1 LD/R3 PF
12pm -- Round 4/ R2 LD/R4 PF
2pm -- Round 5/ R3 LD/R5PF
4pm -- Round 6/ R4 LD/R6PF

All 4-2s or better will clear

Doubles PF-- 6pm/ Quarters LD
Octos PF -- 7:30 pm/ Semis LD
Quarters PF -- 9pm/ FInals LD

(we will try to accelerate this schedule as possible)Final Elimination Rounds -- Sunday -- October 9

Semifinals  FP-- 10am
Finals PF -- 12pm

 Elimination Rounds -- Sunday -- October 9

Sunday -- Any remaining PF elims; LD elims

All 3-2 LDrs will advance

8am -- Doubles (if needed) flight A
9:30 -- Doubles (if needed) Flight B

10:30 Octos Flight A
12pm Octos Flight B

1:30 Quarterfinals

3pm Semifinals

4:30 Finals

(Note: if for some reason a triple octos is needed to clear all 3-2s, the schedule will be pushed back approx 3 hours)