Georgetown Fall 2022

2022 — NSDA Campus, RI/US

Georgetown Fall 2022 -- October 7-9 (Live is October 8-9)

Key Information

*We plan on running a live tournament unless there is a radical change in COVID-19 rates and expectations related to that and/or a ban out such events by the university; there will also be an online tournament.
*This is not a hybrid tournament; two person teams (or mavericks) can enter either the online tournament or the live tournament. Schools can have entries in both.
*It is our intention to award the bid to teams in the live VPF Tournament. If entries in VPF become lopsided in favor of online, we will reconsider and let everyone know by 9/1.
*Trophies will only be provided to those competing in the live tournament.  Those in the online tournament will have the option of ordering trophies."
*The topic will be the September-October PF resolution.
*Entry fees ($150/team live; $100/team online; $75 school fee).


Preliminary Rounds -- Friday -- October 7

All online rounds are single flighted

7pm -- Round 1
8:30pm -- Round 2

Preliminary Rounds -- Saturday -- October 8

10am -- Round 3
12pm -- Round 4
2pm -- Round 5
4pm -- Round 6

All 4-2s or better will clear

Doubles -- 6pm
Octos -- 7:30 pm
Quarters -- 9pm

(we will try to accelerate this schedule as possible)Final Elimination Rounds -- Sunday -- October 9

Semifinals -- 10am
Finals -- 12pm


Preliminary Rounds -- Saturday -- October 8

7:30 am Round 1 Flight A
9:00 am Round 1 Flight B

10:00 Round 2 Flight A
11:00 Round 2 Flight B

1pm Round 3 Flight A
2pm Round 3 Flight B

4 pm Round 4 Flight A
5 pm Round 4 Flight B

7 pm Round 5 Flight A
8 pm Round 5 Flight B

Elimination Rounds -- Sunday -- October 9

All 3-2 teams will advance

8am -- Doubles (if needed) flight A
9:30 -- Doubles (if needed) Flight B

10:30 Octos Flight A
12pm Octos Flight B

1:30 Quarterfinals

3pm Semifinals

4:30 Finals

(Note: if for some reason a triple octos is needed to clear all 3-2s, the schedule will be pushed back approx 3 hours)