3rd Annual IPDA HS National Championship

2023 — TBD, AR/US

We are very excited to be hosting the

3rd Annual IPDA High School National Championship

March 31-April 1st, 2023 


A few updates for this year: 

• To qualify for the tournament this year a student must have at least 6 wins in pure IPDA style debate or Public Forum debate before the start of the national tournament. 

• If you are hosting an IPDA debate tournament or hosting IPDA debate at your tournament please email ipdahscircuit@gmail.com

• To find tournaments that are hosting IPDA and whether they are in person or virtual please click here.

• We will be posting the official constitution for HS IPDA which we would ask all groups hosting tournaments to please adhere to by September 5th, 2022. 


Lastly we would like your input.  We want to make this tournament as accessible as possible.  We also want to grow the reach of IPDA as well outside of the south central region of the U.S. for high school students.  We are looking to determine if we should host the tournament in person this year or virtual.  We are also thinking of starting a middle school/junior high division of the tournament. Please take a short survey to help us make a decision.

We will determine if the tournament will be online or in person by Oct. 31, 2022.