Overlake Spring MS tournament

2022 — Redmond, WA/US

8am All volunteer students meet upstairs in 5/6 building (Judge training, MANDATORY - yes even though you compete in these categories you must be present for this training )

8:30 Middle school students arrive (welcome, opportunity for questions, usher them to their competition rooms)

9-10:30 round 1 debate (disclose decisions in round, brief feedback if time allows but must have your room back to the common area by 10:30 sharp).

10:30-11 small break and demo of Rohan's OO;

11-12:30 round 2 debate (same as above, back to common area no later than 12:25)

12:30-1:30 Lunch (We will pick up food inside campus center and eat under the tents outside)
Speech demo by Annie Chen of her Informative Speech during lunch.

1:30 -2:00 Wrap up lunch, back to 5/6 building
2-3:30 rd 3 speech (disclose round rankings and brief feedback if time allows)

3:30-3:45 - brief bathroom and water break

3:45-5:15 rd 4 Speech Extemp students report back to the prep room and Impromptu students back to the same competition room

5:15-5:45 wrap up/awards