UDM BP Summer Tournament Hosted by the Tufts Debate Society

2022 — NSDA Campus, NY/US
Hello everyone, 


On behalf of the UDM League and the members of the Tufts Debate Society who are hosting this tournament, I would like to formally invite everyone to our Summer BP Invitational! This tournament will be hosted by members from various debate societies in the Massachusetts area and, principally, students who attend Tufts.


This tournament will be hosted between the August 12th-14th over discord and zoom. This Tabroom website will be used to track regisration and, if technology allows, host rooms. If you are unable to access any of the links, reach out to the head of the tab: Nicholas DeVito. Additionally, join our facebook group where we will be posting the critical information that will also appear on this Tabroom link. Regisration for this tournament opens today, May 12th.



The tournament is open to all individuals in high school and middle school, regardless of their national circuit. We will be using impromptu motions. Given our current expectations, we will have a clean break to quarterfinals but may increase or remove rounds depending on the turnout. The CAs for this tournament will be picked from the tournament organizers and all have several years of debate experience, both as judges and competitors, and in hosting tournaments. 


Payment can be accepted via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or another payment option you can negotiate with the tournament organizers. The default email for contact is nicholas.c.devito@gmail.com. The judging requirement will be n-1. There will be a limited amount of reg breaks which will come on a first come first serve basis. Check the tournament invite for more information. 


Hello Everyone,
I would like to thank everyone for their attendance at the UDM tournament. We had 61 teams attend, which makes this the largest UDM tournament to date! In this post is the break for all of the divisions at the tournament.
Semifinal One:
  1. Team OO (DG 140) and CG (DG149) Advance
Semifinal Two
  1. Team OO (TT 138) and CG (DG150) Advance
  1. Winner: DG 150 (OG)
    1. Runner Up: DG 140 (CG)
Semifinal One:
  1. Team OG (IND 108) and CG (DG153) Advance
Semifinal Two
  1. Team OG (DG156) and CG (DG147) Advance
  1. Winner: DG153 (OO)
    1. Runner Up: DG147 (CG)
Semifinal One:
  1. Team OG (TT122) and OO (TT107) Advance
Semifinal Two
  1. Team OO (TT110) and CG (CP139) Advance
  1. Winner: TT107 (OG)
    1. Runner Up: CP139 (CG)
Gold Break:
1 TT 128
2 DG 149
3 DG 145
4 DG 150
5 TT 138
6 DG 140
7 TT 109
8 TT 123
Silver Break:
DG 153
DG 147
DG 156
ID 104
TT 120
TT 126
GE 13
SHSI 141
International Break:
TT 116 
TT 110 
TT 119 
GE 130 
TT 122 
CP 139 
TT 111 
TT 107 
I look forward to seeing everyone at our next tournament.