3rd Annual Freshman Deathmatch

2022 — Online, US

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Freshman Deathmatch!

The link to the discord on which the tournament will be held is here: https://discord.gg/bz3m8juAxg


April PF Topic

Resolved: Japan should revise Article 9 of its Constitution to develop offensive military capabilities.

Official Schedule


- Must be either: Novices (debaters with less than one year of experience), OR High-School Freshmans (Just graduated from 9th grade), OR Middle-Schooler

 · Mavericks are allowed to compete. 

· Independent entries are allowed

If you want to compete and don't meet the requirements, then please email one of the tournament hosts and we may consider it.



You must be at least a rising 11th grader to judge. This is so we can guarantee the best judging experience for all debaters.