MSQI Championships

2022 — Tweed Courthouse, NYC, NY/US

I. Registering Debaters & Judges

Registration for the tournament, MSQI DEBATE CHAMPIONSHIP — NY/US, is now open at this link:  

Please note the following important information:

  • Returning schools can bring 1 team in each of the three championship divisions:

    • Novice

    • Spanish-language

    • Combined Intermediate/Advanced 

  • 1st year schools can register 2 teams in Novice (if none in Intermediate) 

  • No school should have more than 3 teams (6 students total)

  • The selection of students is up to each debate coach; coaches are encouraged to bring their most dedicated debaters, most enthusiastic debater, most improved debater, or most successful debater. However, please keep this in mind: 

    • The student must have debated in at least 1 MSQI tournament this year.

    • Must be fully vaccinated (as per DOE guidelines)

    • Cannot debate in novice if not a 1st year debater. However, you can move students up a division. 

II. Judging

  • We are asking that coaches attending the tournament register themselves as judges. No other judges are required.  

III. Busing

Please complete the Transit Request Form by this FRIDAY, MAY 20 so that we may plan for your transportation needs as soon as possible. Depending on the need, you and your group may have a designated pick up and drop off point that will not be your school location. Almeta Brown ( will reach out to you directly with confirmation. Please note:

  • Tweed Courthouse is located near many subway lines. Given traffic conditions on a Friday morning, it may be easier and faster for teams to take public transportation. 


IV. Resources

  • Copies of the Starter Pack of research to support coaches and students are available online in English and Spanish. This is the same packet from November. 

  • UDL will have a final workshop on May 17 from 3:30pm - 4:30pm online (a separate email will be sent shortly). 

  • UDL is offering access to new  resources they have created to support debate coaches, including PPTs. graphic organizers, videos, etc.  Use this link to request access: UDL Google Classroom

Please note that due to limited capacity and on-going COVID concerns, only coaches, registered debaters and MSQI/UDL staff will be allowed to attend at Tweed. We appreciate your understanding.