MASTFIU Big Questions Tournament

2022 — North Miami Beach, FL/US

MAST@FIU Big Questions Invitational


Welcome to the first-ever MAST@FIU Big Questions Invitational! You are cordially invited to attend our BQ competition from May 12th to May 13th, 2022. This is an exceptional opportunity for our team to fundraise money to go to Nationals this year. We encourage you to bring as many members of your team as you can! 


General Information


Topic: Resolved: On balance, societies benefit from religious belief and practice.


We are planning to run 6 rounds. That’s 4 preliminary rounds and 2 elimination rounds. Competitors who are 3-1’s and better automatically break into elimination rounds. 2-2’s with the most speaker points will be used to fill the empty spots. 


IMPORTANT: Spots are limited! Please register your team ASAP before the deadline, May 6th, to reserve your spot. All extra entries will be put on a waitlist. 


REGISTRATION: Please register on Tabroom at this link:


JUDGES: Judges are not needed. We will be relying on student volunteers to help us run the rounds. 



  1. Please fill this form out.

  2. Please watch this guide to judging! It is very important that you have a brief understanding of what the competition is, the proper procedure, exc. 


ENTRIES: Please register on tabroom. Capped at 10 entries per team. Please email us if you’d like an exception. 



  1. Please make sure your coach or at least one chaperone adult is PRESENT at the facility with you.

  2. If you need resources on understanding Big Questions Debate, please visit this guide. 

FOOD: We will be selling pizza $2 a slice around 5:00 o’clock on both days. We will only be accepting cash payments. 




Events & Divisions


We will only be hosting one event, Big Questions, and one open division. 

All ages and skill groups will be matched in one division. 

HOWEVER, we will be power ranking. 


Contact Information


Any administrative questions should be sent to

All general questions and inquiries should be sent to


In case of emergencies, please contact

William Gonzalez


Phone: 305-742-4550


Our tournament will be held in person, at the MAST@FIU BBC campus.


1401 Bay Vista Boulevard, North Miami, FL, 33181


Please do not park in the parking lot to the right of the building or in the back! There is a large lot in front of the school that you are free to park at.

When you arrive, walk through the blue gates. Make a short left and follow the staircase up to the THIRD FLOOR. Follow the hallway until you arrive at the collaboration center.

If you need an elevator, please make a right from the blue gates and travel all the way down the hall. 


Fees & Donations

There are no fees! This competition is completely free to enter!

However, we would greatly appreciate donations. We can only accept cash donations on THURSDAY. Anything helps! 

Important Dates & Deadlines


Friday, May 6th, 2022 - Registration closes. All entries must be submitted on Tabroom by then.


Tournament Schedule (All times are in EST) 


Tournament schedule is subject to change.

Thursday, May 12th, 2022


3:00 PM

Registration opens. All competitors should arrive by then. 

3:20 PM

Registration closes.

3:30 PM

Round 1 (BQ)

4:30 PM

Round 2 (BQ)

5:30 PM

Round 3 (BQ)

Friday, May 13th, 2022


3:00 PM

Registration opens. All competitors should arrive by then. 

3:20 PM

Registration closes.

3:30 PM

Round 4 (BQ)

4:30 PM

Semi-Finals (BQ)

5:30 PM

Finals (BQ)

6:30 PM

Awards Ceremony

We hope to finish on time on both days, but please be flexible regarding the end of the competition on BOTH DAYS.