Aberdeen Novice Online Async IE

2022 — NSDA Campus, SD/US

Welcome to Aberdeen Async Novice Tournament! The cost is FREE! There are no awards but there are NDSA points and feedback from coaches. 


This tournament is designed for first year competitors and this is perfect for kids needing a tournament for a class. This tournament is all async including extemp. 


-All videos are due Sunday Nov. 6 at 8 AM 

-Monday Nov. 7 at 9 AM Rounds are posted 

-Thursday Nov. 10 Ballots are due at 9 PM 






Students will pick 1 of the 6 questions and prepare a speech and deliver. I ask that they spend 30 minutes prepping the speech and deliver. 

  1. Should the filibuster be abolished in the US Senate?
  2. What does Ukraine need to win the war against Russia?
  3.  Who should the Republicans nominate for president in 2024?
  4. What should Rishi Sunak's first priority be now that he is the new Prime Minister? 
  5. What should the US do about the mounting drought crisis across the American West? 
  6. If you could guarantee the passage of one federal what would it be? 

Oral Interp: 

-All oral interp will compete in the same category of Interp.   



Please provide 1 judge for every 5 entries. Judges can be high school competitors.