Aberdeen Novice Online 1

2022 — Online, SD/US

Aberdeen Central Novice Debate #1 

This debate is designed for students who are in debate class and need experience debating. All times are in Central Time Zone. There is no evidence sharing. The LD topic is the NSDA Novice Topic. The public forum topic is the Nov/Dec NSDA public forum topic. 

 Zoom Link (FOR ALL ROOMS) 

Coming later. 


-Can be high school students. The most important is having a judge who will write positive ballots that are helpful so the students learn and feel that this is an activity that people can do. 


How to access the tournament- 

You will log onto the Zoom Link provide. Tabroom will tell you what room and place you are debating. Do NOT click on the link in Tabroom. The room is the breakout room in Zoom. 


Think of this way: 

Zoom is the school

Tabroom is the posting 



Rd1- 3:45 

Rd2- 4:45 

Rd3- 5:45 

Rd4- 6:45