1st Debate on the Daily Speech Debate Tournament

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US


1st Debate on the Daily Speech & Debate Tournament!



Dear Speech and Debate Community, 


Debate on the Daily welcomes you to attend the first-ever DOTD tournament to be held on July 9th & 10th as a virtual tournament. We will be hosting debate & speech events online through zoom.


Debate on the Daily was founded just over a year ago to enable confident speakers around the globe. We’ve worked hard to provide our community with a variety of opportunities to do so. Our mobile app offers AI-powered speaking drills, community interaction, a database of topics to explore, custom resources, and much more. Our branches package takes a more 1:1 approach as we license our curriculum, coaches, drills, and numerous other resources to schools and coaches. Finally, we run events like this tournament, our upcoming summer camp, online courses, etc. so that you can apply your skills. We take a multitude of approaches because we recognize that not everyone learns with just one style of teaching. Public speaking is an essential skill that every individual should be equipped with so we are working tirelessly to aid you on your journey!


In just a year, we’ve accumulated over 10,000 users across 176 countries and 35 states on our mobile app. Furthermore, our discord community has grown to 160+ individuals and we’ve started up 14 branches across 6 cities, 5 states, and 3 countries. We strongly believe this is only a glimpse of how many more individuals we can impact and we hope this tournament is a good opportunity for you all to apply your skills against other speakers throughout the world!


We are excited about the schedule of events, level of competition, quality judging, and unique opportunities provided this year. We hope you can participate!


For this tournament, we are offering public forum only and will be hosting a separate tournament in August for remaining events.

General Policies


  1. Tabroom Account: All competitors and judges must have a Tabroom.com account. Furthermore, all competitors and judges must

  2. Judges: Please bring qualified judges who have experience with speech and debate. If you can’t and can only bring an inexperienced judge, please inform them about judging the event that they signed up for.

  3. Late competitors/Judges: If the judge and/or opponent is not in the room by the time the round is supposed to start, please message tabroom. If competitors do not enter the round within 15 minutes of the start time, they will forfeit the round. If the judge doesn’t come in time, we’ll find another judge or give you a BYE

  4. See the NSDA online tournaments guide if you want tips for online debate competitions.

  5. Further Questions? If you have further questions, we will have a Zoom help room throughout the tournament on our tabroom page. You can also email us at debateonthedaily@gmail.com! 


Further Questions? If you have further questions, we will have a Zoom help room throughout the tournament on our tabroom page


Public Forum- Resolved:

The United States should establish a comprehensive bilateral trade agreement with Taiwan.


Sunday, July 10

Judge/Competitor Calibration - 7:30 AM PST

Prelim RD 1 - 8:00 AM PST

Prelim RD 2 - 10:00 AM PST

Prelim RD 3 - 12:00 PM PST

Prelim RD 4 - 2:00 PM PST

Finals - 4:00 PM PST


Independent Entries


We accept independent entries.


If you have any questions, please contact debateonthedaily@gmail.com! 

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