NSDA Taiwan Members Invitational

2022 — Taipei, TW

2022 April 2,3 NSDA Qualifier (High School) & NSDA Members’ Invitational (Middle+Elementary School)

Registration Deadline is March 19


  • 4/2 Varsity & Novice Preliminary Rounds
  • 4/3 Varsity & Novice Elims &  Finals
  • 4/3 Elementary Prelims, Elims, and Finals (Elementary events will require only one day)

HIGH SCHOOL EVENTS (top 2 teams qualify to the U.S. nationals)

Disclaimer: High School Events will be held at TAS and operated by the new NSDA Chair Chase Williams, but ADL can help in the registration process.


Ten (10) World School Debate students (grades 8-12) will be qualified by TSDA to form two “WSD Taiwan” teams for the U.S. Nationals to be held in the third week of June in the U.S.  Read more about it here.

If you are interested, please email Chase Williams <williamsc@tas.tw>.


Clarification: ADL will be operating the middle and elementary events.

  • OPF: Open Public Forum 
  • NPF: Novice Public Forum (G6 with 1 year/less debate experience) 
  • OCX: Open Policy 
  • NCX: Novice Policy, speech times are 1/2 of OCX; (G6 with 1 year/less debate experience)
  • OES: Open Extemporaneous Speaking


  • ESD: Smart Debate (G4-5): It is half speech time of PF debate.
  • EOO: Speech Block A (G1-5): Original Oratory or  Storytelling
  • EI: Speech Block B (G1-5): Impromptu
  • Double-Entries must be selected from different time slots (A + B) to avoid time conflicts. Click for more instruction on kids’ speech preparation.


For students grades 5-8, ADL can send an unlimited number of WSD Taiwan teams to the NSDA Nationals Middle school Championship without the above qualifications, but you must register with the ADL staff.

To read more about the debate format of WSD, click here.


  • Policy DebateResolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.


  • Debate partner can be from a different school for the Taiwan District, but a partner must be from the same school for the U.S. NSDA.
  • Double entries ONLY permitted for grade 1-5 if both entries are speech events. For all other situations, NOT permitted.



  • 4/2 @ TAS – High school preliminary rounds
  • 4/2 @ ADL – Middle school preliminary
  • 4/3 @ NTNU – High school elimination rounds
  • 4/3 @ NTNU – Middle & High school elims + Elementary entire events
  • NTNU Address: 
    • 國立臺灣師範大學公館校區: 116台北市文山區汀州路四段88號
    • NTNU Gongguan Campus (No.88, Sec. 4, Tingzhou Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan).
    • NTNU google map


  1. Annual School Membership:
    • High School – Free (*High school qualifier is sponsored in part by TSDA in alliance with Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, a program within Fulbright.)
    • Middle School – NT 3,000
  2. Onetime Student Membership:
    • High School – NT 1,000
    • Middle School – NT 1,000
    • *A student shall pay a total of NT$ 2,000 in their lifetime, if they have been a member of NSDA for Middle and High schools.
  3. Tournament Registration:
    • *High school qualifier is sponsored in part by TSDA in alliance with Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, a program within Fulbright, so price varies.
    • NT$ 4,000 per one middle school student
    • NT$ 3,000 per one elementary student
  4. Judging fee:
    • NT$ 3,000 per one Open/Varsity Policy entry/team
    • NT$ 4,000 will be waived if a school provides either a parent or teacher judge per 6 students; if not, must pay NT 4,000.
  5. Optional: If your school does not manage NSDA points for you, then a student can pay ADL 1,500 NT annually to 1) record NSDA points and 2) receive NSDA Certificates. Read more about NSDA points here.

Please read to understand how NSDA tournaments are operated as nonprofit service to the students.


  • 30% off for students traveling from Tainan, Taitung, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Kenting
  • 50% off for students who qualify for financial aid (the coach must submit a letter of request to <jc@asiandebateleague.com>
  • 20% off if registered and paid by 3/6
  • 10% off if registered and paid by 3/13
  • No discounts for the following:
    • NSDA membership fees
    • School Judging Fees
    • Policy Entry Judging Fees
    • International Entries


For your convenience, all fees can be wired to ADL account directly.

Cathay United Bank, Nangang Branch: 國泰世華銀行, 南港分行
Account 帳號#: 106035009666,
Account Name: 臺北市私立亞太思辯文理短期補習班天母分班, 陳南光


No refund after March 20, as we have already paid for expenses such as trophies, rooms, and most other tournament expenses. 


If you have questions, please call us at 02-2876-1866 from 2:00 – 8:00 PM (Monday – Friday) and 10 AM – 6 PM (Saturday). You can also LINE us <http://nav.cx/6qTXpan>.

If you have questions, please call us at 02-2876-1866 from 2:00 – 8:00 PM (Monday – Friday) and 10 AM – 6 PM (Saturday). You can also LINE us <http://nav.cx/6qTXpan>.