YFL State Quals

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

YFL State Quals

1) NEW: We are using hybrid modality online tournament for YFL State Quals. Prepared speech events will be asynchronous for preliminary rounds. ALL events (except Duo) will compete live for semis and finals. 

2) Each competitor, observer, and judge MUST HAVE A LINKED TABROOM ACCOUNT. For instructions on creating and linking Tabroom accounts, click here. ALL speech (except Duo) will be live at some point during the tournament, meaning even students in events that will initially be asynchronous will need a linked Tabroom account to access competition rooms on Saturday.

3) Varsity competitors are allowed to double enter in speech. The only combination of speech that is not allowed is entering in both exemps.

4) Each school will owe 1 judge per 5 speech entries in the speech pattern and 1 judge per 2 debate entries in the debate pattern. Judges can (and should, if possible!) be entered in both the speech pattern and the debate pattern. This means that 1 judge can potentially cover 5 speech entries and 2 debate entries. Please be reminded that there are two shifts for each pattern of judging, and a judge who is only able to attend one shift only counts as .5 of a judge.

5) Backup speech videos will need to be uploaded as an unlisted video on Youtube and submitted by Tuesday 02/22 at midnight at the VERY latest. No late videos will be accepted, and competitors who have not submitted a video by the deadline will be automatically dropped. All competitors must indicate that they have recorded their video for YFL State Quals at the beginning of their video. There should be NO cuts or editing for speech videos. Upload link: https://forms.gle/EdaBwD6tnWhfziJZ6

6) Duo competitors must be masked in their submitted videos. Videos where Duo competitors are unmasked will not be accepted.



Extemp Prep: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87337595516?pwd=V2NBWkcraVJpQ3E3M0JGcml2TVFFUT09

Judge Lounge/Ombudsman:  https://ucmerced.zoom.us/j/86189839194

Awards @ 4:00PM: https://ucmerced.zoom.us/j/86189839194



Please check this Google Doc for any time updates and topic drops: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KW4IT4bsnmzz8ou_3nvlQKOioAA7W0GDT4LVu8wFomc/edit?usp=sharing