Urban Debate National Championship

2022 — Online, IL/US

The Urban Debate National Championship is a qualifier only event.  Please only register for the tournament after receiving qualification instructions from your league. 

If you have any questions prior to the event not answered on this page or the materials in support pages on the right hand side, please contact Taylor Beck (taylorbeck@urbandebate.org).

Competition Rounds

All rounds, gatherings and announcements will be on Yaatly.  Coaches and League representatives have been sent event invitations to access the UDNC page on Yaatly.  Please use the provided links and Yattly Resources in the left hand menu to set up your team and individual accounts.


For the privacy and protection of students and other participants, any redistribution or publication  of recorded debates is prohibited. Students and teams are permitted to record their own debates for educational purposes.  Recording of any debate round requires the consent of all participants (debaters and judges).


Observers are permitted but must remain on mute, with videos off at all times, and rename themselves as “Observer -- Name.” All observers must be affiliated with an institution with active entries at the tournament and must be registered as an observer to the roster of that institution. Any adult observers must have a completed Additional Adult form, background check and media release on file with NAUDL.  Observers will be granted access via their host schools Yaatly invitation.  Host schools and leagues are responsible for observers participating attending the UDNC.

Alternative Platforms

For safety of all participants, no one (judge, coach, student) may switch their rounds to an alternative video platform outside of the tournament hosted Yaatly rooms. If anyone suggests moving to an alternative platform, please alert tournament personnel immediately. Please contact the tournament Technology help desk if any issues prevent your round from occurring.  Judges who move to a separate platform will not count for a teams round commitment and may result in associated teams forfeiting rounds their rounds and the judge will be removed from the tournament.  The tournament director or NAUDL staff will also determine if any violations of the Youth Protection Policy require further sanction or actions.

Judge Video

The tournament believes that competitors deserve to be able to see their judges as much as possible. Accordingly, to the maximum extent possible, the cameras of competitors and judges should be on (and on them) while a student is speaking and during RFDs. Brief pauses are understandable. To the extent needed, cameras can be off to enhance streaming quality.

Help and Support

If at any time during the tournament a participant would like to raise a concern please contact the Tournament Ombuds Officer.  Brooke Moreland will serve as the Ombuds contact for the 2022 Urban Debate National Championship.  Email help@urbandebate.org with any concerns.
Organizational ombudspersons are “designated neutrals appointed or employed by an organization to facilitate the informal resolution of concerns of employees, managers, students and, sometimes, external clients of the organization.” As a neutral party, the ombudsperson is a resource for individuals wishing to explore and assess options for resolving conflicts, lapses in professionalism, allegations of mistreatment, and other problematic issues or concerns at 2022 UDNC. The ombudsman email account is just one way that NAUDL to provide a positive, inclusive learning environment. 
Contact help@urbandebate.org at any time during the event