Pittsburgh CFL Diocesan Qualifiers

2022 — Pittsburgh, PA/US



Date:                           Saturday March 5                    Speech, Debate, Congress                                                  

Place:                   Moon Area High School

                            8353 University Boulevard

Times:                         Registration                             7:45 - 8:15 (debate schools register early!)

                                    Judges’ Meeting                      8:30 - 8:45

                                    Senate Prelims                        8:30 - 11:45

                                    Debate Round I                      8:30                            

                                    Extemp Draw                          8:40

                                    Round I                                   9:00

                                    Round II                                  10:30

                                    Round III                                 12:00

                                    Senate Super Session­­ ­­­­­­           12:30 - 3:00

                                    Lunch                                      12:00 – 1:30

                                    Speech Finals                         2:00- 3:30

                                    Announcements/Awards           4:30



CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO “Beth Young/North Catholic Speech and Debate”


Please check your copy of the NCFL constitution for questions concerning events. These rules apply at this qualifier. (Please note: Check the national website if you are uncertain about a rule!) 

In LD and PF there will be 2 random rounds, and 2 high-low paired rounds. After that the top 8 students will be bracketed; winners of that bracket advance to nationals. Losers of that bracket will debate again; winners of the second bracket advance to nationals; losers are the alternates. PHSSL tie-breakers will be used in all debates to determine the winners.

In CX, if there are fewer than 10 entries there will be 3 random rounds of competition. If there are 10 or more entries, then there will run 2 random rounds, and then a bracket (as described above) will be created and applied.

In IE, the first 3 rounds are paired randomly. After 3 rounds, the top two contestants in each speech event will automatically advance to nationals. The next 6 contestants will compete in a final round; after that round, the top 4 contestants will advance to nationals, and the 5th and 6th places will be alternates.


Because of the use of Tabroom software, there is a need for fewer people in the tab room than in past years. Therefore, the diocesan CFL committee will run the tournament, but we will run this as on open tab room (head coaches are welcome to be in the tab room but will not be involved in tabbing unless we seem to be short-staffed).  Some head coaches will be asked to assume various tasks necessary for running the tournament: prep room coordinator, ombudsman, etc.  


Thanks to all of you who joined the League this year; because of your involvement, we are able to take six entries in each category to nationals in Washington DC this May!


The Pittsburgh CFL