SPRING BREAK SPECIAL Hosted by Equality in Forensics

2022 — Online, US


On behalf of Equality in Forensics, we invite you to attend the Spring Break Special, scheduled to occur March 19th to March 20th, 2022. The objective of Equality in Forensics is to provide free, online debate opportunities to make speech and debate more accessible to high school students across America. Read more about our mission here.


The Spring Break Special will offer Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Congressional Debate and will operate on National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA) standard procedure and rules. Rounds will be held in Zoom rooms. Registration and tabulation is on Tabroom, which you can find here: equalityinforensics.tabroom.com.


Lincoln-Douglas Debate will consist of

- Three prelim rounds on Saturday, March 19th

- Semifinals and finals on Sunday, March 20th


Congressional Debate will consist of

- Two prelim rounds on Saturday, March 19th

- Finals on Sunday, March 20th


Find the full tournament schedule here. 


You can contact Equality in Forensics through our email equalityinforensics@gmail.com.

Additionally, you can join our community and contact us directly on our Discord server.


We are excited to host this tournament to demonstrate the impact of online speech & debate, exercise our values of accessibility and equality, and display the power of student initiative. See you there!


- Equality in Forensics Board of Directors




Find additional details in the full invitation attached in the top right under "Invite and Packets".




Useful links:

Discord server


Instagram: @equalityinforensics
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