New Mexico State Novice Congressional Debate Championships

2022 — NSDA Campus, NM/US

2022 New Mexico Novice State Congressional
Debate Tournament 


Saturday, February 12, 2021
Online through Zoom



Saturday,  February 12, 2022

8:30AM: Zoom check-in and caucusing 

9:00AM-11:00AM: Round One

1:00PM-3:00PM: Round Two

4:15PM- Awards with Varsity NSDA Congress Awards

Note- Schedule will be altered if there are enough entries to warrant multiple chambers.



All NMSDA member schools shall recruit unaffiliated judges and/or parliamentarians. All judges must be linked in Tabroom and added to the judging pool in Tabroom.


Deadline: Friday, February 4th, at 7:00 pm.

Registration Process:

Maximum entries: Four students per school in novice.
Novice is defined as a student never having competed in speech, debate, or congressional debate before the current year.

If you have chamber preferences for your students please email them to  .  Please give preferences for 2 chambers, though there might be only 1.

Registration must include the NMAA eligibility form.

Name changes will be accepted through February 10th

Email the names of any student interested in being PO to

Any drops after 2/10 must be immediately emailed to Bill:

Please direct any tabroom website questions to 


$8.00 entry fee per student.

If a student drops from the tournament, they will be charged $8.00.

Dues and fees must be sent ahead of time to Elise.


Deadline to submit: Saturday, February 5th at 5:00 pm.

Docket will be emailed to schools by Monday, February 7th .

Maximum submission: Two pieces of legislation per school. Frivolous or poorly formatted legislation will be refused.