Online Penn World Schools Tournament

2022 — US

The Penn Debate Society is excited to announce that registration is now open for the UPenn World Schools Online Tournament 2022, to be held from Friday 1st of April to Sunday 3rd of April.


The link to the full tournament invitation can be found here:


The tournament will feature three prepared and three impromptu rounds of world schools-style debate, followed by a break to quarterfinals.


Our tournament will feature high-quality judging from independent adjudicators and the members of the Penn Debate Society, which include alumni of World Schools Team USA, India, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Hungary, Botswana, and Lithuania. This diverse range of backgrounds will ensure that participants receive feedback from a range of debate philosophies and styles and are well prepared for the competition on the international circuit. 


You can find the most up to date information on our Facebook event page.




To register this year, there are 3 action items:

(1) Fill in the team registration form:

(2) Have each judge affiliated with your institution fill in judge registration form:

(3) Make payment (either through Eventbrite, or by mailing a check as outlined in the invitation document). Early bird registration will close on March 11th. Registration will close on March 25th. The prepared motions for the tournament will be posted soon!




We are looking for IAs for the UPenn World Schools Online Tournament! IAs who commit to 4 rounds or more will be compensated.


Please fill out the following form if you would like to apply to be an IA:




R1. THS the rise of Anonymous


R3. TH, as an east Asian, regrets the rising popularity of K-Pop.


R5. The Carbon Border Tax is a tariff on imported goods from all foreign emitters that do not abide by a minimum carbon tax which is comparable to the EU's carbon tax. The Carbon border tax would add the same CO2 costs to a product when it enters the EU that the manufacturer of a domestically produced item would have to pay. For instance, if the EU carbon tax is $27.50 per tonne but Singapore's carbon tax is $5 per tonne, Singaporean products entering the EU would face an additional tariff of $22.50 (which is the difference between the EU and Singapore carbon tax rates). THS the EU's plan to impose the Carbon Border Tax.


Quarter finals: TH as Equatorial Guinea would allow China to build a military base in their country.


Finals: Info slide: YOU DIED. As a Japanese office worker, you’ve been working too hard at the office. One day on your way back home sleep deprived, you get hit by a truck. When you open your eyes, you meet Sena. He introduces himself as a kami (god) and says your death was an accident. He gives you two options. A) Transport you to a medieval fantasy world. There are different species like elves, dwarfs, dragons and there are also rumours that magic exists. ???? B) You wake up in a hospital back in reality, without damage but with a new perspective on life surrounded by your devoted loved ones. THW choose Option A.


If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact our tournament director, Kunli Zhang: