Catholic Classic

2022 — Overland Park, KS/US

The Catholic Classic is a live, in-person event at St. Thomas Aquinas HS in Overland Park, KS.  It is co-hosted by the squads of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. James Academy.  We are pleased to be designated as a NIETOC qualifier.

The event follows the standard Kansas spring speech model, with Congressional Debate, LD Debate, and PFD on Friday and the standard roster of 5A State speech events on Saturday.

The building is large enough to host a big tournament but the two host squads have less than fifteen students combined, so judges are a problem.  We ask that schools provide a full-time judge for every two entries (or portion thereof) in LD/PFD.  On Saturday, schools may bring twelve entries with no judge obligation; for every six entries (or portion thereof) beyond that point, we will ask schools to provide one judge who is able to cover all four rounds.  So 13 entries=1 judge, 19 entries=two judges, and so on.

Other details can be found on the attached tournament invite.

3:30 LD/PFD/Congress 1
4:45 LD/PFD 2
5:15 Congress 2

6:00 LD/PFD 3
Awards in commons ASAP



8:00 Round 1
9:30 Round 2

11:00 Round 3

1:30 Finals
Awards in auditorium ASAP