Jesuit Dallas Debate Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

Jesuit College Prep Debate Invitational

Greetings from Dallas Jesuit!  Jesuit will host our TFA online tournament on Feb 11-12, 2022. 

We will host Varsity CX, Varsity LD, Varsity Public Forum, and  Worlds Debate on Friday and Saturday.  We will host Varsity Congressional Debate using a schedule that holds all rounds on Friday night [using TXFA Spring 2022 docket - 16-30].  

All rounds will be held online on NSDA Campus.  

Please email Tracy McFarland at if you have any questions.

Entry on Tabroom is necessary.  Please email Tracy McFarland at if you have any questions about how to register.  We will use Tabroom for all balloting and pairings.   We will use NSDA Campus for competition rooms and we will allow observers when possible. 

For additional details, please see judging obligations/deadlines/fees; tournament guidelines and schedules pages.