Central Conference Speech Meet

2024 — Lexington, NE/US

 Central Conference Speech -- Results -- 2022


Good Afternoon Central Conference Speech Coaches:

We are very excited to host you for this year’s Central Conference Speech Meet!  This year the meet will be held on Monday, February 21.  This year the meet will be held on Monday, February 21 at LEXINGTON HIGH SCHOOL.



Registration will take place through this website.   http://central_conference.tabroom.com

The tournament will be an in person event consisting of two preliminary rounds with one judge followed by one final round with two judges.  Events with 17 or more entries will be divided into 3 sections; events with 8-16 entries will be divided into 2 sections.  The top six competitors in each event will advance to the final round of competition.  If there are not sufficient entries in an event to warrant a preliminary round, a final round will only be conducted in that event.  Final round points will be awarded in addition to corresponding preliminary round points when calculating team scores.  All finalists will receive medals.  The champion and runner-up teams will receive plate inserts for their conference championship plaques.

Entry Fees
Entry fees will consist of contracted judges’ payments, hospitality materials, and supplies.  These fees will be divided equally amongst the schools and paid to the host school.  I will present each coach with a bill the day of the tournament.

A hospitality room will be provided for coaches, judges, and bus drivers.  There will also be a concession stand offering a variety of options throughout the day.
Daniel and I have reached out to 12 judges.  If we get turned down by some, we will try others in hope of having 12 secured for the day of the Speech Meet.  If the number of entries deems it necessary, we will hire up to two more.  The judges we’ve reached out to are:




Team Scoring-
Final Round:
·         First Place---------------------      Six (6) Points
·         Second Place------------------        Five (5) Points
·         Third Place--------------------       Four (4) Points
·         Fourth Place-------------------       Three (3) Points
·         Fifth Place---------------------      Two (2) Points
·         Sixth Place--------------------       One (1) Point

If a tie exists, the winner will be determined: according to the current NSAA Speech Manual under “Breaking Ties”.

Extemporaneous Speaking
We will be hiring an NSAA certified judge to monitor the extemp prep room.  Students will be expected to comply with the guidelines on pages 17-18 in the NSAA judges manual.

Cancellations may require a shifting of contestants to allow a balance of competition in preliminary rounds.  Double coding will be used to avoid any possible conflicts of interest in setting up the sections. 

8:00    Registration Begins
8:40    Judges/Coaches Meeting
9:00    Round 1, Flight A (HI, INF, POE, PER, OID)
9:30    Round 1 Extemp Prep
10:30   Round 1, Flight B (ENT, SER, EXT, DUET)
12:00   Round 2, Flight A
12:30   Round 2 Extemp Prep
1:30    Round 2, Flight B
3:00    Finals, Flight A
3:15    Finals Extemp Prep
4:15    Finals, Flight B
ASAP  Awards

-We will move ahead of schedule whenever possible.
-We may rearrange flights to efficiently make use of judges

Entries are due by Tuesday, February 16th.  David Cooper will run our Tab Room and help us with entries, etc.  It would greatly help my planning, though, if you could register your projected entries as soon as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me, Coach Arias, or David Cooper.  Again, we look forward to hosting our Central Conference Friends and Competitors, and wish you the best of luck between now and February 21st! 


Thank you,

Phil Truax, AD





Daniel Arias, Speech Coach
Cell: 308-325-7300



David Cooper, Meet Manager (Tab Room)