Loup City Speech Tournament

2023 — Loup City, NE/US

This tournament is restricted to Nebraska Schools only


Results Packet -- 2022




LOUP CITY - In Person


Entries: Entries: Contestants are allowed to triple enter, but please keep in mind students will be on a tight schedule. 


We will run all nine NSAA events. 


Registration: The registration link will be e-mailed to directors. Deadline for entries are Sunday, Feb 13th. We will accept changes through Wednesday, Feb 19th with adjustments to your bill being allowed until this time. Competition will begin at 8:00am. 


All changes to your entry MUST be done online through the entry adjustment option. Entries with changes after Wed. Feb. 16th will not receive adjustments to your bill. After this time, any changes due to drops or dropped judges will result in the original bill. If you make any additions after this time, your bill will also be adjusted accordingly.


Events: Two preliminary rounds plus finals for the top six individuals, duets OIDs for varsity and novice competition. 

No Finals in Events that have less than 10 entries

Novice Finals will have one judge.

Varsity Honors Finals will have one judge. 

Varsity Champs Finals will have two judges.


Judges: Each school must provide one judge for every six entries. If you are 

unable to bring judges for all of you entries, pay $75.00 for uncovered entries. 


Fees: Entry fees will be $7.00 for individual and group events. We will not accept any adds the day of the tournament. 


Awards: Medals will be awarded as follows: 

VARSITY EVENTS: First through twelfth place IN ALL EVENTS running a CHAMPS final and an HONORS final.

NOVICE EVENTS: First through sixth place IN ALL EVENTS 


There will be plaques given to top two teams in Novice and Varsity divisions. 




Thank you for attending the Red Raider, we will do whatever we can to help ensure that you have a positive experience. If there is anything I can do or if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail, text, or call me (prefer text or e-mail but understand a phone call is occasionally quicker).




Kyle Knaub 

Contest Director 

Loup City Public Schools - Loup City, NE

Email: kyle.knaub@lcpublic.org

Cell: 402-570-0302

School: 308-745-0548 ext 313