PHSSL District 6 and 7 Qualifying Tournament

2022 — Messiah College, PA/US


PHSSL District 6 & 7 Qualifying Tournament

Saturday January 29, 2022




Paige Stonge (District 6) 

Tiffany Dacheux (District 7)



Registration will take place via (this website)
Registration for the tournament opens on January 3 at 7:00am and will close on January 21 at 8:00pm.



***You must be a member of PHSSL to participate in this tournament. Please be sure to complete this form and to submit your league dues to the PHSSL main office prior to the district tournament. No forms/dues should be sent to district chairs.****


Entry Limits

Each PHSSL school may register up to 2 entries per event. 
In accordance with PHSSL rules, there is NO double-entry.


Entry Fees:

For the 2022 tournament, entry fees will be $8 per student. 


COVID Safety Protocols

All tournament participants are required to wear face masks which cover their nose and mouth while indoors on Messiah’s campus. Please note that face shields, gaiters, or bandanas are not considered acceptable face masks in accordance with Messiah’s policy.

We are implementing universal masking to ensure the best experience for all participants. This means that everyone in the competition room will be masked, including those performing/speaking. For further clarity, this also includes judges. 

Any questions about this should be asked prior to the tournament and discussed with tab staff (Tiffany or Paige - email us!). 

Please DO NOT bring up issues or concerns with your judges on tournament day. These wonderful folks are to adjudicate the round, not mask exemptions or propriety. 

Out of an abundance of caution, we are asking teams to not bring any additional observers (non-competing students) with them to this event. 
Rounds will not be run when (based on the number of entries) the competitors would automatically qualify for the state tournament. We will notify coaches of the students for whom this may apply in the week prior to the tournament.


Tournament is IN-PERSON…The Ballots are Online 

Judges will enter all ballots ONLINE. To do this, judges will need a account which is properly linked to your school. 

Video explanation on linking tabroom accounts: 



We WILL have awards this year :) Pending any shipping delays or other issues we hope to distribute them on January 29.

Students who place 1 or 2 will receive an award plaque/trophy and will qualify to the PHSSL State Tournament held March 18-19, 2022 which is scheduled to be held at Bloomsburg University.
Students placing 3 or 4 will receive certificates. 
The top school in each district will receive a plaque.



Judging burdens for this tournament are as follows:

Policy Debate: 1 judge per 2 entries
Public Forum debate: 1 judge per 2 entries
Lincoln Douglas Debate: 1 judge per 2 entries
Speech and Congress: 1 judge per 4 entries

Please note that all speech and congress is a combined judge pool, so judges should be prepared for both congress and speech events. 

Judges are obligated for the entire tournament. 
The tournament is not offering hired judging for this tournament. If you are not able to fulfill your judging burden you will need to adjust your entries. If you have questions, please contact


Senate Legislation:

Each school entering a competitor for Student Senate is required to submit one piece of legislation and is permitted to submit a second piece of legislation if entering a second student. 

The legislation submitted should list one student as the author, and the school that student represents.

Legislation must be uploaded to our page no later than 1/14/22 at 5pm. The legislation packet will be posted to the tabroom page by 1/18. 


Tentative Schedule for the Day:

This schedule is for your planning purposes. A more detailed schedule will be posted based on entries/events.
We have to follow PHSSL requirements for numbers of rounds based on entries. Our goal is to speed-up the schedule where possible while keeping everyone happy.


7:00 – 7:45 am: Registration / Check-in

8:00 am: Opening Announcements

***Be in assigned room 5-10 minutes prior to round start time. Start round when all judges/competitors are present.***


Pairings Released

(Judges press start as soon as they receive the ballot, to confirm receipt of ballot)

Start Time

(By this time, the round SHOULD be started.)

Round 1

8:30 am

9:00 am

Round 2

10:15 am

10:45 am

Round 3

1:00 pm

1:30 pm

Round 4

2:30 pm

3:00 pm



3:30 pm