Asynchronous St Genesius Classic hosted by Marist School

2022 — Online, GA/US

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Thank you for your interest in the 2022 St. Genesius Classic hosted by Marist School - our first ever fully asynchronous competition for individual events.

Named for the patron saint of performing arts, we are excited to host this competition because we believe in the value of feedback that can be provided in an asynchronous environment.  With postseason tournaments like GFCA State Championship and NSDA District Qualifiers, it is a perfect time to seek feedback from qualified judges.

Entry Fees & Judge Obligations

In an effort to increase opportunities for Georgia schools, there will be no entry costs for students from Georgia schools.  All non-Georgia schools will be charged a $5/person/entry fee. 

In an effort to produce high quality feedback, judges will have 48+ hours to adjudicate rounds from students.  We ask that schools enter head coaches and qualified judges (or alumni) to help judge rounds.  If you have certain restrictions on number of rounds, or events judges can judge, please mark them in the notes and we will do our best to accommodate.  We will require 1 judge for every six entries.  There will be a limited number of judges available to hire.

Events & Prompts

We will host a full slate of NSDA events and common supplemental events hosted by neighboring states open to all students.  The events are Broadcasting, Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking (using Prepared Prompt Speaking rules), Improvisational Duo, United States Extemp, International Extemp, Informative Speaking, Original Oratory, Programmed Oral Interpretation and Pro Con Challenge. 

For more information about these events, please see the "Events & Divisions" tab on the right.  All recordings and entries will be due by Tuesday 1/18 at 5:00pm EST.

Your students are invited to participate in as many events as they wish.

For the limited prep events (Impromptu Speaking, both Extemp divisions, and Improvisational Duo), we will release topics on Friday 1/14 at 9:00am EST to provide your students ample time to record given it is a holiday weekend.

Schedule & Deadlines

All recordings and entries will be due on Tuesday 1/18 by 5:00pm EST.  

We will follow the release schedule below (last updated 1-12-2022).

Tuesday, 1/18 around 7:00pm EST -- Preliminary rounds will be released
Thursday, 1/20 around 11:00pm EST -- Preliminary ballots will be due
Friday, 1/21 around 9:00am EST -- Elimination rounds will be released
Friday, 1/21 around 7:00pm EST -- Semifinal rounds will be due, Finals will be released for remaining divisions
Saturday, 1/22 around 3:00pm EST -- Elimination rounds will be due
Saturday, 1/22 around 5:00pm EST -- Awards Ceremony will be released

We will have three preliminary rounds in every event.  At the conclusion of the preliminary rounds, events with fewer than 7 entries will be concluded.  Events that 8 to 23 entries will have a final round.  Events with more than 24 entries will have a semifinal round and a final round. We anticipate having three judges in all elimination rounds.

Tabulation Rules

We will use a modified GFCA ruleset for tabulation at the tournament.

To advance to elimination rounds we will use the following tiebreaks:

1) All prelims ranks except lowest
2) All prelims ranks
3) Reciprocals of all ranks (Total number of 1's, 2's, 3's, etc)
4) Judge Preference
5) Total Points minus worst
6) Total Points

We will prefer sections of six in elimination rounds however will prefer a clean break over 6.  If the choice is between 4 and 8, we will choose 4.  If the choose is between 5 and 7, we will choose 7.

If there is a semifinal round, to advance to the final round, we will use the following tiebreaks:

1) rank in semifinal round only
2) judge preference in semifinal round only
3) Reciprocals all ranks

Final placements will be determined with ties broken in the following order;

1) rank in final round only
2) judge preference in final round only
3) total reciprocals 
4) if unbreakable, a tie will be declared 

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Jeffrey Miller
Director of Speech & Debate
Marist School

Abby Schirmer
Associate Director of Debate
Marist School