Melissa Spring UIL Classic

2022 — Melissa Middle School, TX/US

Dear Colleagues,

This is a regular high school tournament offering CX, LD, Extemp, and so on offered at our middle school. Thank you for your interest in attending the 1st annual, Melissa Middle School Cardinal Spring Classic! This tournament will host high school UIL and TFA events on behalf of the Melissa Middle School Speech & Debate Team. We will offer all UIL speaking and debate events (CX debate, LD debate, Congress, Persuasive, Information, Prose and Poetry) along with NSDA Events (PO, OO, and so on). 

The tournament will be held at Melissa Middle School, 3150 Cardinal Dr, Melissa, TX 75454.

Extemp will be hosted at the 6th grade center to increase space for rooms.

For information on how to make a tabroom account check out this video:

Tournament Fees:

CX/Policy Debate: $30.00
PF Debate: $30.00
LD Debate: $20.00 Congressional Debate: $15.00 Extemp: $12.50

I.E.s’: $12.50
Uncovered Judge: $125.00

Judge Drop Day Fee: $200.00

If fees are a problem PLEASE LET ME KNOW! We want you to be successful and will help in any way possible!

if you have any questions, please see the invitation, located on the home page, or you can email Brenden Dimmig with inquires. We look forward to hosting you! Sincerely, Brenden Dimmig