Murray Middle School ASYNC Speech Tournament

2022 — Murray, KY/US

Welcome to the Murray Middle School ASYNC Speech Tournament!

We look forward to having you join us asynchronoulsy the week of January 2nd through the 8th!  The competition is a totally middle school contest held ONLINE.


We will be offering the following KHSSL events:




Duo Acting

Dramatic Interpretation

Extemporaneous Speaking

Humorous Interpretation

Impromptu Speaking

Improvisational Duo

Original Oratory





We look forward to having you join us! Entry fees for the competition will be $7 each ($14 for Duo and Improv Duo entries).  Teams are required to provide 1 judge for every 6 entries into the competition. If teams are unable to provide the required judges, they may pay to hire a tournament judge for $50. Also, teams will be assessed fines as indicated by the website if they drop entries the day of the tournament and/or do not have the promised judges as entered into 


All judges will need to have a tabroom account, as we will be using online ballots. Below you will find a link for a youtube video if you’d like instructions on how to use online ballots for tabroom.



The tournament schedule is listing in the invitation found on the main tournament page.


‚ÄčAny questions, please let us know! We look forward to having you join us online the first week of 2022!


Michael Robinson

Coach, Murray High School Speech Team