Lincoln Silver Bowl

2022 — NSDA Campus, SD/US

Important notes for Silver Bowl 2022:

- Silver Bowl will be virtual this year. Please check out the revised schedule below.

-Public Forum will use the NOVEMBER/DECEMBER topic this year, which is crypto regulation.

(Although the January topic is super interesting this year, most SD coaches met during the summer and decided to try a new approach this season by skipping the January topic. We're hoping that this change will make retention and sustainability a little easier for every PF program.)

Temporary Tab Room: 

Information About Virtual Debate: 


Revised Schedule:


8:00 - Debate Round 1

9:30 - Debate Round 2

11:15 - Debate Round 3
(time for lunch after)

1:15 - Debate Round 4

2:45 - Debate Round 5

4:00 - Debate Semifinals 

5:00 - Debate Finals