Paducah Tilghman Tornado Alley Invitational

2022 — Paducah, KY/US



Welcome to the Tornado Alley Invitational! This tournament will be entirely asynchronous via tabroom. 


I have reproduced the schedule below because as a coach, that is always my first question. You can find more details in the full invitation, attached to the right.


We hope to see you the week of January 15th! If you have questions, feel free to emil me. I am honored to host you. 


Best wishes,

Rachael Castillo 





Sunday, 1/9 @ noon

Limited prep topics released

Monday, 1/10 @ 6 pm

Registration and video upload deadline

Tuesday, 1/11 @ 3 pm

Prelim ballots post

Thursday, 1/13 @ 3 pm

Prelim ballots due

Friday, 1/14 @ 5 pm

Finals ballots post

Saturday, 1/15 @ noon

Finals ballots due

Saturday, 1/15 ASAP

Awards Posted