FGCCFL October Tournament

2022 — Tampa, FL/US

FGCCFL Tournament Invitation

Dr. Kiran C. Patel High School
Saturday, 8 October 2022
Registration 7:15-7:45 AM

10721 Raulerson Ranch Road
Tampa, FL 33637
Host Coach: Mariah Cook, 813-701-4632

Events: All NCFL Events. No double entries. No more than SIX entries per event prior to Grand Finals. No more than 12 entries in Congress until January.

Cost: $25.00 per competitor including host/lunch fee PLUS an additional $10.00 lunch fee for each judge including training judges. Fees can be paid via PayPal on the league website, checks (made out to FGCCFL) for the full amount, or cash.  All fees must be paid in full by the fourth round of the tournament. Late payments are no longer accepted.

Food: Closed campus (FGCCFL rule). Lunches are automatically ordered for students and judges as part of registration; ONE complimentary lunch will be provided to each school for the head coach. Coaches must order all lunches on Tabroom:  Turkey sandwich, Italian sandwich, Veggie Sandwich, Gluten Free Turkey Wrap, Gluten Free Veggie Wrap.

Judging requirements: One (1) judge for every five IE and Congress entries combined; schools with Congress entries must designate at least one “Congress Preferred” judge. One (1) judge for every two LD entries. One (1) judge for every two PFD team entries. LD and PFD Judges will be placed in one debate pool and must be cross-trained. One (1) judge for each TD team entry. COACHES: Do not count yourself in your judge quota as we must be able to use you where needed! All coaches should be prepared serve as Parliamentarian, supervise Extemp Prep, or judge if needed fourth round. Judges should be cross-trained. Remember to list conflicts (by STUDENT FULL NAME) in the “Judge Notes” space on Tabroom.

Electronic balloting: All events at this tournament will use Tabroom for electronic ballots. Judges must have a linked Tabroom account and provide a suitable connected device (laptop or tablet preferred). Paper ballots will be available in the event of an equipment outage.

Judge Training (this tournament only) will be offered in Student Commons during the first two rounds. Judges will observe rounds in the last two rounds after lunch. Register judge trainees in the separate Judge Training Tournament. Do NOT register them with your tournament judges. Remember you must register lunches for your judge trainees on that page.