West Los Angeles District Tournament

2022 — CA/US

West Los Angeles District Qualifier

for the 2022 National Tournament
West Los Angeles District Tournament
West Los Angeles District Tournament site
NSDA Campus, CA
West Los Angeles District Tournament site
Fri 3/18 Sun 3/20

Congress Link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83876178289  

 Round 1 2:00

Round 2 5:15




8:00 am    Speech Round 3 (Extemp prep at 8:00)

9:00 am    Debate Elim 1 (PF, BQ Quarters, LD Octos)

10:00 am   Speech Elim - Final Round

11:00 am   Debate Elim 2 (BQ Semis, LD Quarters)
Awards approx. 12:15pm

12:15 pm   Debate Elim 3 (LD Semis)
1:30 pm     Debate Elim 4 (LD Finals)




Tabulation Procedures:



Three preliminary rounds in all speech events.

We will have three judge panels in all speech events.

Per NSDA rules, if we have fewer than 7 entries, the qualifiers will be determined by PRELIMS only.

For events with exactly 7, we have the option to do a final. We will break to a final with # below.

For events with more than 7, we will clear to the elimination rounds a pre-determined number of speakers (see below).  If there are multiple entries with tied ranks at the clearing cut-off, all tied ranks will be cleared.  The expectation is to clear straight to finals.  If, however, more than 7 (because of tied ranks) clear, then there will be semifinals

DI-no final

IX-clear top 5

DUO-no final

OO-clear top 7

HI-no final

POI-clear top 5

INF-clear top 6

UX-clear top 5



For speaker points, we will use a .1 point scale.

Four preliminary rounds, breaking all 3-1 and 4-0 debaters to elimination rounds.

We will use one judge in Rounds 1 and 2.

We will use three judges in Rounds 3 and 4 (flighted as necessary).

We will clear all 4-0 and 3-1 debaters, then single-elimination bracket.

Alternates will be determined by seeding (not run-off).


Audit Procedures:


The following are the audit procedures that will be used during the district tournament.  It is the affirmative duty of coaches to hold the District Committee accountable to these procedures, which comply with the minimum standards set by the NSDA.


We will be relying on the online ballots submitted directly by the judge.  District committee members and those assisting tab will be regularly reviewing ballots in the system to look for any irregularities, but we are relying on the integrity of the ballots submitted by judges.


The primary results of each round (win/loss or rank) will be released to the advisor or coach representative from each school in attendance after the conclusion of each round.  The coach representative is responsible for reviewing results in a timely manner and alerting the District Committee to any potential errors or violation of the audit procedures.  Errors or irregularities with the entered results must be raised within 10 minutes after the results are released to coach representatives.  If a student is going to drop because of those results, please notify the tabroom ASAP (preferably within the same 10 minutes) so the next round can be prepared without delay.  We do encourage competitors to stay for all preliminary rounds, but that is not required.  Judges, however, must stay at least one round beyond the last competitor for the school.

Any protests for any reason must be brought by the coach representative, in writing, within one hour of the end of the round in which the infraction occurred (as specified by the NSDA Unified Manual).  This protest must be submitted to a member of the district committee and will be ruled on by the full committee (or their authorized delegates).  The protest must include: name of coach representative, code of person/team being protested, round being protested, section/room and speaker number of the person/team being protested, specific infraction being protested with supporting detail, and signature of the protesting coach (we will accept for signature an electronic email from that coach’s email account “signed” with their typed name).


UPDATED 3-9-22 DUO will be Synchronous competition where students perform live together in the same room. Rules regarding masking defer to your own school or school district COVID requirements

This year's national qualifying tournament will be held virtually from Saturday March 19 to Sunday March 20, 2022.  The tournament will be held using NSDA's Campus and tabroom.com.  We look forward to seeing you!

Important Announcements:

1.  The tournament was originally scheduled to be hosted at Brentwood School.  The District Committee decided, though, in an abundance of caution, to go to a virtual tournament.  This qualifier will be held entirely online using CAMPUS and TABROOM, with ZOOM as a backup.

2.  There are new tabulation rules for the tournament.  In 2021, the Board of Directors for the NSDA voted to make the previously pilot qualification rules the permanent set of rules governing district tournaments.  Thus, we no longer have the option to use the traditional up-down or California Plan systems.   Review the District Tournament Operations Manual to see the new procedures.  We will be using the default rules.  So, for speech, that means three preliminary rounds clearing into elimination rounds.  For debate, that means four preliminary rounds breaking to a single elimination bracket.  Alternate placement is determined by the preliminary round seeding method.

3.  The tournament will be run by the District Committee and coaches designated by that committee to assist.  If you have questions, feel free to contact the District Committee in advance of the tournament.  Bobby (rlebeda@dths.org), Leilani (lmchugh@fsha.org), Victor (victor@gotovictor.com), or Eleanor ( (enishioka@hartdistrict.org).  

4.  Like last year, every school that attends the district tournament may enter up to two non-qualifying students in supplemental events at the 2022 National Tournament.

5.  We are a level 3 district, which means 3 qualifiers in every event (provided a minimum of 10 entries in that event).  BQ is the exception.  This year, however, BQ qualifies 2.  Limit of 10 BQ entries per school, but BQ is run as a debate event.

6.  We permit double-entry, with the following rules:  (a) they must complete a single-entry letter of intent form before the tournament; (b) a person double-entered can still enter Congress; (c) no double entry in two debate events; BQ will be run with and as a debate event; (d) if a student qualifies in a partnership event, they must attend Nationals in the partnership event; (e) a student can only enter in one partnership event; (f) no double-entry in the two extemp events.

7.  In speech,  the tournament will run synchronously.  UPDATED 3-9-22 DUO will be Synchronous competition where students perform live together in the same room. Rules regarding masking defer to your own school or school district COVID requirements

8.  Our district also qualifies two teams of 5 students each to Worlds School Debate.  As like last year, one team will be invited based on performance at the district tournament; the other team will be selected based on application.  After the 10 students are selected, the teams may be reshuffled for competitive/convenience purposes.  Note:  a student must compete at the district tournament in order to be eligible for Worlds School competition.

9.  We are using the MARCH/APRIL topic for LD and the MARCH topic for PF.

10.  This year there is a NSDA Last-Chance qualifier.  Any student who does not qualify through the district tournament has a last chance to qualify.  It will be held online from May 5-7, 2022.  To be eligible, the SCHOOL must attend districts; the STUDENT does not need to have attended districts.

11.  Nomination forms for HS Administrator of the Year, New Coach of the Year, Assistant Coach of the Year, HS Coach of the Year, Student of the Year are all available as "online forms" at www.speechanddebate.org.   Single entry form is also downloadable at the links on the right.

12.  NATIONALS This year will be in-person on June 12-17, 2022 in Louisville, KY!  Click here for Details



Saturday, March 19, 2022

8:00 AM     Registration

8:30 AM     Judge Orientation

9:00 AM     Debate Round 1 (LD, PF, Policy, BQ)

10:30 AM   Debate Round 2 (LD, PF, Policy, BQ)

12:00 PM   Speech Round 1 (extemp prep starts 30 min before)

1:30 PM     Debate Round 3

3:00 PM     Speech Round 2 (extemp prep starts 30 min before)

4:30 PM     Debate Round 4

6:00 PM     Speech Round 3 (extemp prep starts 30 min before)


Sunday, March 20, 2022

8:00 AM     Speech Round Elims 1

9:00 AM     Debate Round Elims 1

11:00 AM    Speech Round Elims 2; Debate Round Elims 2

12:30PM    Debate Round Elims 3

2:00 PM     Congress Round 1 (until 5:00 PM)

5:15 PM      Congress Round 2 (until 8:15 PM)

AWARDS around 1:30 pm



50$ School Fee

10$ Solo events (LD, BQ, Congress, DI, HI, POI, USX, ISX, INFO, OO)

15$ Dual Events (DUO, PF, Policy)

Missing judge fee 100$ per day/judge.  NOTE: fee is per JUDGE.


Please make checks payable to:NSDA West Los Angeles District

Mailing Address:

c/o Leilani McHugh

440 St. Katherine Drive

La Canada, CA 91011

Payment can also be made through PayPal to @WestLANSDA

When paying via PayPal, please add your school name to Notes


For speech, you will need 1 judge for every 5 entries.

For debate, you will need 1 judge for every 2 entries within that event.

Judges are entered into one pool and must be available to judge any event.  Thus, even if the judge is "covering" speech events, they still should plan on showing up at the start of Saturday to help judge debate.

Coaches make sure to enter your student’s points so they will have the 25 NSDA points necessary to compete.