2022 Snyder Tigers Roar

2022 — Snyder, TX/US

***Revised Schedule is attached at the bottom***


Welcome to the 2022 edition of the Snyder HS Tiger's ROAR!

We are excited to have you on campus participate in the year's tournament. The Snyder HS Speech and Debate team have worked hard to prepare a great event for your teams. This year we will run several events in an UIL format in order to allow for more participating schools to better prepare for upcoming for UIL District Competition. We want to maximize participation as much as possible.

Unfortunately we are only able to offer a limited scope of events (Darn COVID). 


Due to the nature of Policy debate, no cross entries will be allowed for Policy Debaters.

LD students can cross enter, however, preference should be given to LD and only one cross entry per pattern will be allowed.

All other students may enter a maximum of 2 events per pattern.

IE'S Pattern: Foreign Informative Extemporaneous (UIL), Domestic Persuasive Extemporaneous (UIL), Prose, Poetry, Impromptu Speaking

Debate: Policy Debate and Lincoln Douglas Debate

NOTE: The Informative Extemporaneous topics will be Foreign Extemporaneous topics and the Persuasive Extemporaneous topics will be Domestic Extemporaneous topics. This will allow the events to earn TFA points, as well.

In staying with UIL rules:

Persuasive Extemporaneous may not enter Informative Extemporaneous and vice-versa.

Remember: In accordance with UIL rules, Extemporaneous does not allow Internet usage during the preparation time. This rule will be followed.

Judge requirements will be as follows:

1 judge per 4 Debate entries.

1 judge per 8 Individual event entries.

Missing Judge fee will be $75 (We would prefer to have a judge over money).

The maximum number of missing judge fees will be 4 ($300) per school.

The topics will be as follows:

LD: UIL Spring topic:

Resolved: In matters of foreign policy, the United States ought to value universal human rights over economic interests.

CX: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.

Prose/Poetry will run Piece A in Round 1 and Piece B in Round 2 Finals will be Readers' Choice.


8:00 – CX Round 1

9:00 - LD Round 1

9:00 – Extemp Draw Begins

9:30 – IES Pattern Round 1

10:00 – CX Round 2

11:00 - LD Round 2

11:00 – Extemp Draw Begins

             LD Round 3

11:30 – IES Pattern Round 2

12:00 – CX Round 3

1:00 - LD Round 3

2:00 – Extemp Draw Begins

            CX Quarters (Semis if needed)

2:30 – IES Finals

3:00 – LD Semis

4:00 – CX Semis (Finals if needed)

4:00 – LD Finals

6:00 – CX Finals (if needed)