Highlands Gray Middle School Virtual Frozen Tournament Highland

2022 — Online, KY/US


Highlands-Gray Virtual

Frozen Tournament



Dear Middle School Speech Coaches,


Gray Middle School and Highlands Middle School are proud to sponsor our fourth Jr Division SWING Speech tournament.  We would like to extend an invitation to our tournament to all middle schools.  These tournaments will take place on January 11 - 15, 2022.  You will need to register separately for both tournaments. These are totally asynchronous tournaments.  This means that all entries will be prerecorded, including finals.



All middle school/KHSSL Jr. events will be offered.  Please visit the KHSSL handbook at https://www.khssl.org/handbook-and-constitution for rules.



Each entry will be charged $6 with Duo Acting and Improvisational Duo charging $12.  We accept checks and money orders as form of payment.  Entries are due by Monday January 10, 2022 8 pm.  Drop fees will be assessed and enforced after this time, $10 per drop. 


Note: There will be a $10 awards mailing fee for all United States based schools in attendance (this fee will be added to the tabroom invoice AFTER you register...please do not send payment for fees UNTIL you see this charge added to your invoice to avoid making a 2nd payment for this charge).  For any schools located outside of the US the fee will be larger than $10 but the actual cost will depend on where you are located (feel free to contact me in advance if you have any questions about this - I will update your invoice and send it to you once the tournament has concluded once I have determined an approximate shipping quote if you are outside of the US).  Note that we will not be issuing refunds for this after the tournament concludes in case your team does not receive any awards so please make note of this).


Checks will need to be made to the order of:

$   Gray Middle School for the Gray MS portion

$   Highlands Middle School for the Highlands MS portion




School Mailing Address (Gray Portion):

Ryle High School

Attn: Lisa Edmonds

10379 US-42

Union, KY 41091


School Mailing Address (Highlands Portion):

Highlands Middle School

Attn: Alyssa Vanderpool

1180 N. Fort Thomas Avenue

Fort Thomas, KY 41075






We will be offering UNLIMITED entries: however, only the top three scores in each event will count towards sweepstakes.  Students may quadruple enter (enter up to four events).  New entry deadline is 8 pm EST Monday, January 10th.  All recordings must be uploaded by Monday, January 10th 8 pm EST.  


All events will be judged on Tabroom.com.  When registering your students, it will be a requirement to include the link to their performance in order for your entry to be eligible. The link can be shared on the “Piece Title” section of their entry when you register them.  Platforms include You-Tube (links MUST be marked unlisted), Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.  Please ensure permissions are set so that anyone with the link can view.  Duo Acting and Improvisational Duo must be split screen.  Refer to the https://www.khssl.org/virtual-tournament-best-practices for tips on recoding and submitting videos.  Please note that duo events may now be recorded in the same room if it complies with your school rules. 


For Broadcasting, you will need to record your second round script.  This will be used for all rounds, including finals. 


For the limited prep events of Extemp, Impromptu, and Improv Duo, the topics will be released on Sunday, January 9th noon EST.  You will need to upload that link by Monday, January 10th 8 PM EST.


NO recordings will be accepted for ANY event (including limited prep events) past the Monday, January 10th 8 PM EST deadline so please do not wait until the last minute to record any event.  Any entry that has not either uploaded or forwarded to me their link will be considered a DROP with fees applied at that time. You may use the same video for both tournaments except for limited prep categories for they will have different prompts.



One judge for every 6 entries or fraction thereof: 7 entries = 2 judges, etc.  Larger schools - please try to find neutral judges to bring to the tournament and make sure that they are well versed in the KHSSL rules and ballots.  You may hire judges at $30 each. 





Prelim rounds will be held asynchronously which means that your judges can complete them anytime from Tuesday, January 11th (beginning at 8:00 PM EST) through Friday, January 14th, with the deadline for completion being at 5:00 PM EST on January 14th. Finals for speech events will be announced on Friday evening via Tabroom, with assignments being blasted that same evening and those judging assignments for finals must be completed by Saturday, January 15th at noon EST. All speech judges must be available for a minimum of 2 asynchronous rounds for each tournament plus finals (if chosen) in order to fulfill an entire judging slot.


Keep in mind you can always add comments throughout the tournament even after a round has ended but to keep things running on time, please get the ranks and scores entered as soon as possible. 







SCHEDULE (Both Portions)

Tue 1/11 - 8 pm EST - All preliminary rounds released

Fri 1/14 - 5 pm EST - Deadline for all preliminary rounds to be judged

Fri 1/14 - 8 pm EST - Breaks announced via tabroom and all final rounds released

Sat 1/15 - 12 pm EST - Deadline for all final rounds to be judged.

Sat 1/15 - 6 pm-ish Awards will be a recorded video.  We will send all coaches the link.



We will be presenting individual medals for the top 6 performers in each speech event.  We will honor the top 6 overall teams with sweepstakes plaques.  Awards will be mailed to schools upon completion of the tournament and once payment is received.



Entering/registering will be on tabroom.com.  Select the KY league, register your school, and then register for both swing tournaments: Gray/Highlands Virtual Frozen Swing Tournament Gray Portion and the Highlands/Gray Virtual Frozen Swing Tournament Highlands Portion.  Feel free to call/text email me any questions.  Hope to see you virtually at our tournament!


Lisa Edmonds, head coach                            

GMS Speech and Debate                               

call/text: 513-227-6228                                             



Alyssa Vanderpool, head coach

HMS Speech

call/text: 859-512-4084