IHSSA State Debate

2022 — DMACC, IA/US
The 2022 IHSSA State Debate Tournament will be
held in person at DMACC on January 7-8, 2022. 

We look forward to hosting you and your students in person this year!

Please complete your entry by December 20. Fees will be assessed then. The site will be open for drops until end of school January 5. Additions may be allowed with permission. Schools are allowed 6 entries per division.

Some reminders of rules/regulations for the IHSSA tournament:

A. In order to enter Student Congress, the Intent Form must have been sent by November 15 with your Bills. If you did not receive the Student Congress Intent Form and wish to enter Congress, notify the State Office immediately.

B. The tournament will be held in person this year.

C. A Junior membership is considered a separate school. No attempt will be made to keep its entries from being scheduled against the Senior High entries. All students in the Junior entry must be in the ninth grade. Also, if a school elects to have a Junior membership, no ninth grade student can be listed on the Senior High entry.

D. A school must provide judges/scorers to cover entries according to the rules. If you are unable to provide the required number of judges/scorers, fees will be assessed at the rate of $200. (Read the Constitution for clarification) There are NO partial judges, nor can you combine entries from different divisions to calculate your judge requirement. Judges for LD and Policy should complete a judge paradigm. If judges have a paradigm posted on Tabroom, that may suffice. Check the forms posted on the info pages here to ensure those questions are addressed on the posted paradigm.

E. Each school will pay a refundable judges bond of $200. This bond must be received by the State Office prior to the state tournament and accompany their tournament entry form. The refund will occur after the completion of your school's judging obligation. This bond may be a separate school check or a personal check which will be held for return at the end of the tournament. If the bond is included in the entry fee, a check will be written for the refund amount. It will be mailed if not picked up.

F. Please list any judges/scorers who could be hired and paid by the IHSSA by sending an e-mail to the IHSSA State Office or a division manager.

G.  Congress Bills were sent to everyone who presented bills and are also posted on the IHSSA web site.  They will also be posted in Tabroom too.  If you did not present a bill you can still participate in congress!