Dalmasse Sterner Steel City Invitational

2022 — Pittsburgh, PA/US

Dalmasse Sterner Steel City Invitational

            Pittsburgh Central Catholic | Saturday, January 15, 2022



The Pittsburgh Central Catholic Forensics Society warmly invites you to participate in the Dalmasse Sterner Steel City Invitational, to be held in-person at Central Catholic High School on Saturday, January 15, 2022.

The following Debate events will be offered: Lincoln-Douglas, Policy, Public Forum, and Student Congress.

The following Speech events will be offered: Declamation, Duo Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Humorous Interpretation, Impromptu, Informative Speaking, Original Oratory, Poetry, and Prose.

Declamation, Original Oratory, Prose, and Poetry will be ASYNCHRONOUS.

Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Informative Speaking, and Humorous Interpretation will be LIVE.

Please see Tabroom.com for specific tournament information, including details on registration fees.

Double entry will be permitted in Speech events. Competitors may only double enter in one asynchronous and one live event. Competitors participating in Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu or Debate events will not be permitted to double enter.

Debate judges must disclose their decision and comments to competitors.

The deadline for registration is January 13, 2022, including a complete list of your judges. A limited number of judges will be available for hire. Please request any hires on Tabroom.com as soon as possible and understand that your request may not be met.

On the day of the tournament, registration will open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 a.m. Round 1 will begin at 8:30 a.m.

We are excited to see everyone in person again and return to our normal competitive speech and debate scene!


Mike DePasquale michaeldepasquale21@gmail.com

Paul Beer pjb82@pitt.edu

John Hollihan jhollihan18@gmail.com