2022 — NSDA Campus Online, TX/US

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Due to the recent uptick in Covid cases, our administration has required us to change from an in-person live event to an online, virtual tournament.  We apologize for the change, but this is completely out of our control.  We hope that you will still choose to attend our virtual tournament on the same dates.  



Dear Coaches and Sponsor,


Alief Hastings High School is proud to host the 12th Annual Speech and Debate TFA Qualifying Tournament on January 21-22, 2022. Consider this your invitation to attend our tournament and WELCOME TO BEAR COUNTRY! We will host in person on the campus of Hastings High School.


We will offer all traditional TFA events as well as Prose, Poetry, and Impromptu. All Debate events will be held on Friday afternoon with elimination rounds on Saturday. We will attempt to run single flights in LD and PF IF JUDGING IS AVAILABLE. We will NOT break brackets in any debate events. All Individual Events will be held on Saturday. All schools MUST PROVIDE JUDGES- at least one judge for every pool in which you have students competing is the requirement. There is no such thing as completely buying out of judging. The judge(s) does NOT have to be the coach, however if you do not enter judges we will take the liberty of putting the coach into the judge pool to cover part of your obligation. We reserve to right to NOT accept any entry from any school who does not meet the judging requirements.


The sweepstakes formula will be as follows:

Speech Champions 20 points, second place 15 points, third place 10 points, finalists 3 points, semifinalists 1 point

Debate Champions 20 points, second place 15 points, semifinalists 10 points, quarterfinalist 3 points, ocots 1 point

Congressional Debate Champions 20 points, second place 15 points, third place 10 points, finalists 3 points, semifinalists 1 point


The Congress docket will be as follows:

PRELIMS BILLS: 11,12. 13 and 14

SEMIS BILLS: 1, 3 and 5

FINALS BILLS: 16, 18 and 20


Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2022 January/February Topic

Resolved: The appropriation of outer space by private entities is unjust.


Public Forum Debate – 2022 January Topic Area: U.S. Drug Policy

Resolved: The United States federal government should legalize all illicit drugs.




Students can cross enter in Speech events no more than 3 events per pattern and students cross enter at their own risk. Students may also cross enter in Debate events and Pattern A of speech. Any student who does not break in LD/PFD can also cross enter in Pattern B of speech events. CX and WSD students can only cross enter into Pattern A event.



We will NOT accept independent entries or entries from any program/club/group that is NOT a sanctioned, diploma granting high school institution. The only exception made to this rule is that we will allow middle school students to enter NOVICE events only.



Make all checks payable to:

Alief Hastings High School

c/o Daryl McNary

4410 Cook Road

Houston, TX 77072


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to hosting you in January.


Warm Regards, 

Darryl McNary, II

Director of Forensics

Alief Hastings High School