New York City District Tournament

2022 — NY/US

New York City District Qualifier

for the 2022 National Tournament
Debate (LD,PF,Policy)
Fri 2/25 Sat 2/26 LD PF
BQ, Congress
NSDA Campus
Sat 4/9 Sat 4/9 BQ HSE SEN


Dear Coaches,


On April 9, we will hold the final part of our NSDA District Tournament, Student Congress and Big Questions.

1)      Overview:

a.       The Tournament will take place online using NSDA Campus.  Please register on Tabroom by 8 pm Wednesday, April 6.

b.       Please check your school in by 8:45 am on April 9.

c.       We will have a Zoom meeting for judges at 9 am. Details will be published.

d.       We will need to hire judges, so entrance fees will be $20 per student. Please make the check out to New York City National Forensic League and mail it to me.  You can combine it with your bill for the your debaters and speakers from the other parts of the tournament.

2)      Student Congress: 

a.       Please submit no more than 2 bills to by Friday, March 25 at 8 pm.  Please indicate one as prelim and one as finals.  We will post the bills on Tabroom over the weekend.

b.       You may send up to two (2) students in Senate and as many in House as your school’s strength allows.

c.       If we have more than 16 in either event, we will have multiple chambers.  If we have fewer than 16, we will have a single chamber.  If we have multiple chambers, we will have 1 preliminary session and a final session.  If we have a single chamber, we will have 2 preliminary sessions.

d.       Please supply one judge for every 6 students competing in Student Congress.  It is possible that your judges may be transferred to judge Big Questions.

3)      Big Questions

a.       A school may send up to 4 individual debaters.

b.       We will have 4 preliminary rounds and then elimination rounds.  We will announce whether it is single or double elimination when we see the registration numbers.

c.       Preliminary Rounds will have 1 judge.  Elimination rounds will have 3.

d.       Rules will be according to the NSDA procedures.

e.       The topic is: Resolved: On balance, societies benefit from religious belief and practice.