2021 — NSDA Campus, NV/US

Coaches, Students, & Judges,

Extemp Rounds will remain online for this month. The ground rules below apply to SATURDAY ONLY.

We are excited to begin offering a road toward normalcy, but we are still in the midst of a global health crisis that necessitates precautions. We began returning to in-person Debate with just the novices, and now we're adding back the upper divisions with adult judges. The success of this tournament will determine if we are able to move forward with more in-person events next Semester, so we need all of your participation in following the ground rules. 

Ground rules:

1. All students must have appropriate COVID-19 waivers on file with their coaches and schools. CCSD students competing at the tournament must complete the CCSD Required COVID-19 Activity Form and have it on file with both their coach and their school's Activities' Administrator. All non-CCSD students are expected to have their school's paperwork on file with their coaches.

2. Only active participants in the tournament should be on campus for the tournament. There will be no spectating, etc. All participants are expected to be in their assigned areas, only, for contact tracing purposes. Similarly, once you arrive on campus, you are to remain on campus for the duration of your time at the tournament. Judges should stay for their entire "Shift" as signed up for by their coach. Competitors should remain for their entire competition day.

3. All persons attending the tournament must complete a health screening prior to arrival. CCSD employed Coaches will use the eMocha app to generate a badge. All other persons will use the  GDSDA required health check available at this link. If an individual has any symptoms whatsoever it is their affirmative duty to stay home and communicate with their Coach, who will communicate with the tournament director, regarding their absence. Students will be re-health screened by their coaches upon arrival for a second layer of protection. Judges will be re-health screened in the judges room for a second layer of protection. Coaches and tournament officials may send home any participant, students and judges, they observe is symptomatic while initiating appropriate contact tracing.

4. All persons attending the tournament must wear approved face coverings at all times in public areas when they are not actively eating or drinking, including during rounds. Approved face coverings cover the individual’s face from the bridge of the nose to snugly under the chin and fit snugly against the sides of the face with no gaps for air to enter or exit. Neck Gaiters/bandanas, masks with valves or vents, and face shields worn without a mask are not approved face coverings. If a student, or adult, has an IEP, 504, or ADA accommodation with regard to the wearing of face masks it is their coaches' duty to communicate this to the tournament ahead of competition and to have the documentation on hand at the tournament.

5. Eating shall only take place in designated locations with appropriate social distancing. "Lunch times" have been built into each event's schedule to allow for competitors to use outdoor eating spaces or the cafeteria (in case of inclement weather). While participants are eating, they should do so with their own team members and check in with the provided QR codes for contact tracing purposes.

6. Teams will gather in squad rooms before, between, and after rounds rather than in the cafeteria or other larger areas where squads routinely commingled. Squad rooms are for the designated school's students only for contact tracing purposes. Participants should only be in their squad room, eating outside, or in their competition rounds. There will be no spectating at the tournament. Reminder: Masks must be worn at all times in the squad room unless participants are actively eating or drinking.

7. Adult judges will gather in the designated judges room before, between, and after rounds where they will be appropriately socially distanced. Judges should only be in the judges room, eating outside, or in their competition rounds. There will be no spectating at the tournament. Reminder: Masks must be worn at all times in the judges room unless the judge is actively eating or drinking.

8. Squad room televisions will be on when squads arrive. They must remain on and unchanged from the default settings so that squads can easily receive emergency tournament communications.

9. All participants must have linked Tabroom accounts so that they receive all tournament blasts and communications. There will be no physical postings of round assignments.

10. Awards will be announced via YouTube the following day. All competitors and judges are expected to leave promptly after their last round.

11. The tournament will provide access to the school's wifi network information for all participants.

12. There will be a designated help desk in the quad for any pressing questions.

13. Any questions about these guidelines should be referred to the GDSDA District or In-Person Return Committees.


We thank you for your help in keeping everyone safe while we strive to return toward a more normal competition season.




The GDSDA In-Person Return Committee