Montana State AA Meet

2022 — Helena, MT/US

Dear AA coaches,

 Helena and Capital High Schools are pleased to invite you to the Montana State Speech and Debate Tournament, which will be held January 28th and 29th, 2022 at Helena High School (1300 Billings Avenue.)

Since this is the state tournament, please review the MHSA 2021-2022 Forensics and Drama Booklet. Please pay special attention to manuscript requirements, timing procedures and all other rules. Remember there is no novice debate.

The State Book is available on Google Drive via this link: Please send me a valid gmail account if the email is not the correct one.  You should update your school, coach, and competitor information.  The book will go to print at 8:00am on Tuesday, January 18th. Any changes made after that time will not be reflected in the printed book.

 We’ve noticed that there is often an excess of State Programs that just get recycled after the tournament. To avoid this waste, we will print 10 copies of the book per school. If you would like additional Programs, we are happy to print more by request. Please send me the total number of State Programs you would like printed for your team prior to January 18th.

 Make sure you include all your coaches in the program. However, please let Jennifer Hermanson know via email which coaches will actually be attending, what events they coach, and what their tabbing preferences are via email as soon as you can.

 Registration is open for the tournament at:  Please do have an as-accurate-as-possible entry on the site by Tuesday, January 18th at 8:00am as well so that we can ensure judging needs are covered. Drops and adds will be accepted on Tabroom until Friday, January 28th at 8:00am without penalty (but they will not be reflected in the State Program). Drops and adds after that must be emailed or texted to  Jennifer Hermanson ( or 406-531-7449)  and will be charged a drop fee of $20. Please confirm your registration to Jennifer Hermanson by email or text between 8am and 11am on Friday, January 28th, 2022.

 Each school will be charged a $35 school registration and a $5 fee per entry.

 State Tournament schedule is on the following page. Squads (with exception of Policy debate) should not enter the building until 3:00pm. To not interfere with HHS buses, Speech & Debate Bus drop off should be on North Roberts street (east side of Helena High, between HHS and Helena College.) There are stairs and a walkway to Helena High from there. Student commons will be in the HHS cafeteria.

 POLICY: Note there is a 2:30pm round on Friday, January 28th for POLICY DEBATE ONLY. School will still be in session and we will be utilizing classrooms that don’t have a 7th period.  Because school is still going, ONLY Policy Debate competitors and ONE coach per school will be allowed in the building at 2:15pm. Please remind competitors to be quiet and respectful of classes still in session. All other competitors and coaches should not enter the building until after 3pm. Please DO NOT bring your entire squad early. They will be required to sit on the bus until 3pm.

 EXTEMP: Extemp draw will take place one half hour before the Speech round start time in the Library Conference room. This room is in the back of the library but competitors should enter from the North Hallway door. Remember, communication among contestants during prep time is strictly prohibited. Coaches will be assigned to monitor the prep areas. Extemp competitors should bring layers! The draw room is often cold because it is on the same thermostat as the library and we close off draw room for the tournament.

 Awards will take place in the Main Gym after finals.

Concessions will not be offered as there are restaurants within walking distance and lots of delivery options. Hospitality will be offered for coaches, judges, and bus drives in the Teacher’s Lounge. The tab room will be in the Library.  A reminder that you must have paid your MFEA dues to be admitted to the State Tournament tab room and to be eligible for Coach of the Year nomination.

Here is a link to a map of Helena High school for your convenience: 



Friday, January 28, 2022


2:30 PM Round 1 (Policy only)

4:30 PM Round 1/2

6:30 PM Round 2/3

8:30 PM Round 3/4


(Draw 30 minutes before rounds)

4:00 PM Round 1

6:00 PM Round 2

8:00 PM Round 3




Saturday, January 29, 2022


8:00 AM Round 4/5

10:00 AM Round 5/Octas

12:00 PM Octas/Quarters 

2:00 PM Quarters/Semi

4:00 PM Semis/Finals (POL)

5:30 PM Finals (LD/PF)


(Draw 30 minutes before rounds)

9:00 AM Round 4

11:00 AM Round 5

2:00 PM Semifinals

4:30 PM Finals